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Dokumentation deutschsprachiger Verlage [German Publishers Directory ]. Ed. Günter Olzog and Johann Hacker. München: Olzog. 22 cm. (Günter-Olzog-Verlag, Postfach 1752, D-86887 Landsberg) 12th ed. (1995). 557 p. ISBN 3-7892-9002-5: DM 88.00

Commonly known as the Vinz/Olzog, Dokumentation deutschsprachiger Verlage, now in its twelfth edition, appears every three years and provides profiles of some 847 German publishers, a relatively small number compared to what is found in other directories. It is most useful to authors and those seeking employment in the book trade. Profiles are contributed by the publishers and include typical directory information plus a reproduction and history of the publisher's mark; names of owners, partners, and major officers; description of the publication program; related businesses (subsidiaries, branches); and subject areas. The entries are arranged alphabetically and indexed by place, subject area, and personal names. Numerous cross-references indicate name changes and mergers. A chronology and list of significant anniversaries completes the work. [sah/ab]


Catalogo storico Editrice Bibliografica [Editrice Bibliografica Retrospective Catalog]. Ed. Luigi Crocetti. Milano: Editrice Bibliografica. 21 cm 1974-94 (1996). 189 p. ISBN 88-7075-448-0: Lit. 20.000

An entry for this twentieth anniversary bibliography from Editrice Bibliografica, the foremost Italian publisher in the area of the publishing industry and librarianship, is amply justified by the frequent attention given their publications in German library journals. Their activity bodes well for the state of librarianship in Italy. This bibliography provides complete citations, excluding only price and current availability, for works produced by Editrice Bibliografica from 1974-94, including 389 physical units. (Multivolume sets have as many entries as they do volumes.) Entries are arranged alphabetically by title within each publication year and are indexed by author/editor, nonfiction title, keyword, DDC, and ISBN/ISSN. [sh/ab]

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