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Leibniz-Bibliographie. Ed. Albert Heinekamp. Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann. 25 cm. (Veröffentlichungen des Leibniz-Archivs) Vol. 2. Die Literatur über Leibniz 1981-1990 [Scholarship about Leibniz 1981-1990]. viii, 367 p. (Veröffentlichungen . . .,12) ISBN 3-465-02809-0: DM 98.00

This second volume of the Leibniz-Bibliographie begins it coverage in 1981, where the second edition of the first volume ended. The earlier volume had 6,796 entries from the beginnings of Leibniz scholarship to 1980; the present volume adds another 2,388 entries for the decade 1981-1990. This compilation is based on the bibliographies published yearly in the Studia Leibnitiana; they have been augmented for this volume. A bibliography of this kind needs to strive for completeness. It was therefore disturbing to compare the listings here with a few sample serial bibliographies and find so many citations lacking, e.g., as many as 21 are missing from 25 listed in one bibliography, 6 are missing from the 7 listed in another. [sh & sah/bw]

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