Bibliographie der deutschsprachigen Frauenliteratur: Belletristik, Sachbuch, Gender Studies [Bibliography of Women's Literature in German: Belles Lettres, Nonfiction, Gender Studies]. Renate Kroll and Silke Wehmer. Pfaffenweiler: Centaurus-Verlagsgesellschaft. 21 cm. ISSN 0949-0124

Vol. 1. 1994 (1995). 130 p. DM 19.80

With this first volume the editors intend to establish a continuing, updated bibliography of German-language publications of women's literature in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. It includes as "women's literature," however, not only belles lettres, but also books published, edited, or translated by women, as well as nonfiction (on any subject, as long as the author was a woman), literary criticism, and gender studies, 1733 in all. The results, regarding both what is included and excluded, often make no sense. Although translation by a woman seems to be a criterion for inclusion, the women translators are not listed in the index, or even mentioned in the preface. This is not so much an error as the consequence of insufficient thought given to the subject and the methodology. It is not even clear what sources were used or whether the entries are based on book-in-hand examination. [jb/mjc]


Virginia: Frauenbuchkritik [Virginia: Women's Literature Book Reviews]. Ed. Anke Schäfer and Renate Kroll. Wiesbaden: Schäfer. 31 cm. (Anke Schäfer, Postfach 5266, D-65042 Wiesbaden)

Vol. 9, no. 19 (Oct. 1995) 48 p.

Begun in 1986 and modeled after The Women's Review of Books, Virginia appears at no cost at the Leipzig and Frankfurt Book Fairs and in women's bookstores, but it cannot be obtained by purchase or subscription. It contains critical articles and book reviews predominantely of fiction by women authors (including many translations), as well as a list of new publications. The issue at hand contains 46, fairly lengthy reviews, as well as an article on post-1945 women's literature in Austria. Virginia offers numerous possibilities for expansion, but it must become more readily available. [jb/mjc]

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