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Adressbuch Wirtschaft: Verbände, Organisationen der Wirtschaft, Großunternehmen, mittelständische Unternehmen, Behörden, Arbeitsgemeinschaften, Wirtschaftsinstitutionen und - verbände im Ausland, Arbeitnehmervereinigungen, Landesversicherungsanstalten, Gewerkschaften, Stiftungen, internationale Einrichtungen [Business Directory: Business Associations and Organizations, Larger and Medium-Sized Companies, Agencies, Labor Organizations, Business Institutions and Associations Abroad, Employees Unions, State Insurance Institutions, Trade Unions, Foundations, International Institutions]. Ed. Gerhard Theato. München: Heyne. 19 cm. (Heyne-Bücher, 22, Heyne Business).

1996 (1995). 559 p. (Heyne Business, 1013) ISBN 3-453-09157-4: DM 29.90

This directory is based on Hoppenstedt's Verbände, Behörden, Organisationen der Wirtschaft and Handbuch der Großunternehmen. Listing about 6000 institutions, it uses only a small portion of the information available in the two Hoppenstedt works, which cover approximately 50,000 organizations. An index of listed organizations and branches can be found at the end. The directory is superfluous for larger libraries, unsuitable for companies and their officials, and dispensable for a private audience, at whom it is aimed. [sah/mj]


Frauen im Management [Women in Management]. Darmstadt: Hoppenstedt. 26 cm

Vol. 1 (1995). xix, 764 p. ISBN 3-8203-0363-4: DM 265.00

Although the company directories published by Hoppenstedt Verlag are useful, the same can not be said for its biographical directories. Frauen im Management lists approximately 22,000 women in upper- and middle-level management of German companies and business organizations. Entries are limited to name, position, work address, as well as company names, not even enough information to classify this volume as a "Who's Who." It is difficult to see what purpose this volume might serve. [bw/mj]


Wie finde ich Literatur zu den Wirtschaftswissenschaften [How to Find Information in Economics]. Günter Mette and Eva Schöppl. Berlin: Berlin-Verlag Spitz, 1995. 248 p. 21 cm. (Orientierungshilfen, 13). ISBN 3-87061-378-5: DM 54.00

Unlike its previous edition which covers several academic disciplines, this guide is devoted solely to economics. It contains an introduction, general and economic bibliographies, reference works, and databases. Also included is information on economic research institutions, archives, special libraries, a list of journal titles, a glossary of terms in the book trade and librarianship, and title/author indexes. Chapter titles are not informative. Although careful readers will understand the arrangement and layout, at first glance the structure seems chaotic. For this type of guide, a much clearer layout and descriptive chapter headings are essential. Many entries, especially English ones, are not annotated. Some important resources are left out. For a new edition, the Business Information Sources (reviewed in IFB 96-1- 78) should serve as model. [bw/mj]

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