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Bayerisches Jahrbuch: Auskunfts- und Adressenwerk über die Behörden [Bavarian Yearbook: Information and Addresses of Government Agencies]. München [et.al.]: Saur. 25 cm. Diskette published as: Gemeindedaten. ISSN 0174-8386

75th ed. (1996). 563 p. + 1 diskette. ISBN 3-598-23644-1: DM 198.00; ISBN 3-598-23645-X (diskette): DM 148.00

The first edition of this annual appeared in 1890. With the current edition it has been taken over from its traditional publisher, Gerber-Verlag, by K.G. Saur, but the transfer must have taken place in the last minute, since nothing has changed in either content or form, which is quite unlike the "Saur style." In a telephone call to the new publisher, it was learned that a revision is expected for next year's edition; even the local statistics available on diskette will be repackaged. A review of the updated and, one hopes, improved edition is planned for next year. [sah/vh]

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