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Taschenbuch des öffentlichen Lebens: Europa und internationale Zusammenschlüsse [Handbook of Public Life: Europe and International Arrangements]. Ed. Albert Oeckl. Bonn:Festland-Verlag. 15 cm.

1st ed. (1996). xxv, 1159 p. ISBN 3-87224-034-X: DM 94.80

This long-awaited new annual (called "Europa-Oeckl") bears a strong resemblance - both physically and in its organization - to the same publisher's Taschenbuch des offentlichen Lebens: Deutschland (known as "Oeckl"), a popular directory of names and addresses in the German public sector (see RREO 95-4-622; also Reference Reviews Europe Annual 1 [1996], p. 155). It is divided into twelve main sections, headed European Union, EU member states, European cooperation, international cooperation, etc. These are indexed by name and subject (primarily in German). Unfortunately, some acronyms are excluded from the index (also true of "Oeckl"). Once a few still-missing sections are added, "Europa-Oeckl" will be, at least from a German viewpoint, one of the most useful and comprehensive of the directories to European organizations.. [sah/hsb]

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