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Bayerisches Jahrbuch: Auskunfts- und Adressenwerk über die Behörden ... [ Bavarian Yearbook: Information and Addresses of Government Agencies]. München [et al.]: Saur. 25 cm. The 75th ed. (1996) has the parallel title: Bayern [Bavaria] and diskette title: Gemeindedaten [Communal Statistics] ISSN 0174-8386

76th ed. (1997) 454 p. + 1 diskette. ISBN 3-598-23646-8: DM 198.00; ISBN 3-598-23647-6 (diskette, dBase-version): DM 148.00

The accomplished revisions in this edition—announced by the new publisher at the time of the take-over (RREO 96-2/3-333)—have meant a smaller (by 120 pages) and more streamlined work (through dropping the supra-regional section). The structure remains by and large the same. E-mail addresses and a new list of abbreviations of the most important government agencies have been added. The annoying advertisements scattered throughout the previous editions have been dropped. The keyword index remains skimpy. The diskette, unfortunately, includes only the raw data, requiring another program for useful access and manipulation. [sah/mj]

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