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Comics Anno: Jahrbuch der Forschung zu Comics, Zeichentrickfilmen, Karikaturen und anderen populär-visuellen Medien [Comics Anno: Yearbook of Research on Comics, Animated Films, Caricatures, and Other Popular Visual Media]. Ed. H. Jürgen Kagelmann. München [et al.]: Profil-Verlag. 24 cm. Reviewed on the basis of vol. 3 (1995). ISSN 0947-7586

1 (1991). xi, 173 p. ill. ISBN 3-89019-274-2: DM 38.00

2. Comics zwischen Lese- und Bildkultur [Comics between Text and Visual Culture]. Ed. Bodo Franzmann. 1991. 107 p. ill. ISBN 3-89019-296-3: DM 36.00

3 (1995). 404 p. ill. ISBN 3-89019-330-7: DM 88.00

Comics Anno came to the attention of the reviewer too late to be included in the extensive survey of literature on this topic in RREO 1997 (see also RREA 3:98-106). This yearbook is intended not for fans and collectors of comics, but for scholars, especially in the field of media studies. The scope of the reviews is comprehensive, including popular as well as scholarly works, making this a useful tool for collection development as well. Topics covered include theoretical contributions, empirical studies, content analysis, meta-analysis, pedagogy, reception studies, the media industry, among others. More regular publication would make this an apt successor to Andreas C. Knigge's Comic-Jahrbuch (coverage to 1991) and the Comic-Almanach (1992-93). [sh/ab]

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