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Deutsche Presse: biobibliographische Handbücher zur Geschichte der deutschsprachigen periodischen Presse von den Anfängen bis 1815 [The German Press: Bio-Bibliographical Handbooks of the History of the German-Language Periodical Press from the Beginnings to 1815]. Holger Böning. Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt: Frommann-Holzboog. 25 cm. ISBN 3-7728-1589-8

Vol. 2. Altona, Bergedorf, Harburg, Schiffbek, Wandsbek; kommentierte Bibliographie der Zeitungen, Zeitschriften, Intelligenzblätter, Kalender und Almanache sowie biographische Hinweise zu Herausgebern, Verlegern und Druckern periodischer Schriften [Altona, Bergedorf, Harburg, Schiffbek, Wandsbek: Annotated Bibliography of Newspapers, Journals, Intelligencers, Calendars, and Almanacs with Biographical Information on Editors, Publishers, and Printers of Periodical Publications]. Holger Böning and Emmy Moepps. 1997. lv, 933 p. ISBN 3-7728-1706-8: DM 690.00

Deutsche Presse (The German Press) is a monumental bibliography project intended to cover comprehensively the German periodical press. Volume 1 of this set was devoted to the history of newspaper and periodical publishing in Hamburg from the beginning to 1815 (see RREA 2:68). While volume 1 listed and described 1,018 newspapers, periodicals, newsletters, calendars, and almanacs published in Hamburg itself, volume 2 continues the survey of the same general geographic area, listing an additional 248 titles published in the neighboring towns of Altona, Bergedorf, Harburg, Schiffbek, and Wandsbek. Both volumes also contain biographical information on editors, publishers, and printers. This biobibliographical handbook follows a standard of quality which can hardly be improved upon. The next volume of the project will be devoted to Leipzig. [wub/ba]


Dicionário da imprensa periódica literária portuguesa do século XX (1900-1940) [Bibliography of 20th-century Portuguese Literary Periodicals (1900-1940)]. Daniel Pires. Lisboa: Grifo Editores, 1996. 459 p. ill. 21 cm. ISBN 972-8178-08-5: Esc. 3,990

This bibliography lists around 1,000 Portuguese literary periodicals that were being published during the period 1900-1940, including those which began publication in the 19th century. It is based largely on a previous publication by this author, Dictionário das revistas literárias portuguesas do século XX (1986). The titles are listed alphabetically; their descriptions vary greatly in length, but most are only about ten lines long (on a two-column page). The bibliographical description is not structured like a catalog entry, but embedded in the prose description. Typically included are the subtitle (in italics), publishing frequency, beginning and end date, place of publication, editors' names, and a characterization of the journal. The longer, more detailed descriptions sometimes include citations to articles about the journals. Included are indexes by first year of publication and by names (both personal and geographical). A comparison with Publicaçoes periódicas portuguesas existentes na Biblioteca Geral da Universidade de Coimbra (Catalog of Portuguese Periodicals of Coimbra University Library), the closest thing to a Portuguese national bibliography-the first volume covers 1641-1910 (1983) and the second 1911-1926 (1991)-shows that the Dicionário contains quite a few more titles of this period. Since the bibliographic control of Portuguese periodicals leaves much to be desired, this publication is a welcome addition to the field. [sh/hh]

Microfilm Archives of the German Language Press


Bestandsverzeichnis. Mikrofilmarchiv der Deutschsprachigen Presse = Catalogue. Microfilm Archives of the German Language Press. Ed. Manfred Pankratz. Garz bei Berlin: Vistas-Verlag. 21 cm. Previously published by Mikrofilmarchiv der Deutschsprachigen Presse, Dortmund. ISSN 0170-4990

Vol. 10 (1998). xl, 600 p. ISBN 3-89158-189-0: DM 40.00

Since the records of the microfilm archives, the primary registry for the acquisition of microform copies of German newspapers and periodicals, are now in electronic form, the many changes since the 9th edition (1994) of this publication could be made relatively quickly and efficiently. The main listing is by place name and under each, an alphabetical list of newspaper titles (by oldest title only, no split entries). There is an alphabetical title index, an index of place names grouped by state, and, new to this edition, a title index to supplements that were previously only mentioned in the bibliographic descriptions. Also included are the membership directory and charter of the Microfilm Archives of the German Language Press, an article about the archives' filming practice, and lists of abbreviations, library holdings symbols, holding libraries by place name, and finally, a list of the publications of the Microfilm Archives. This catalog is now being produced by a commercial publisher, which explains its price jump from DM 15.00 to DM 40.00. [sh/hh]


Literatur zur deutschsprachigen Presse: eine Bibliographie; von den Anfängen bis 1970 [Literature on the German-Language Press: A Bibliography; From the Beginnings to 1970]. Gert Hagelweide. München [et al.]: Saur. 31 cm. (Dortmunder Beiträge zur Zeitungsforschung, 35) ISBN 3-598-21284-4

Vol. 9. 89199-98384: Länder außerhalb des deutschen Sprachraums: Afrika, Amerika, Asien, Australien, Europa; deutschsprachige Literatur zur Presse des Auslands; Literatur zur Presse der deutschen Minderheiten (deutsch und fremdsprachig) [Non-German-speaking Countries: Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Europe; German-language Literature on the Foreign Press; Literature on the German Minority Press (German and Foreign-Language)]. 1998. xvii, 348 p. ISBN 3-598-21307-7: DM 360.00

Following volumes 1-7, which covered the German press in Germany (see RREA 1:155/156 and 2:71) and volume 8, which covered Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein (RREA 3:114), the 9th volume of Hagelweide's bibliography deals with the German-language press in 181 foreign countries. The coverage of countries that have (or at one time had) significant German-speaking minorities, e.g., Romania, is of particular interest. This is the last of the geographical volumes. Volumes 10-12 will focus on biographies of individuals in journalism and volume 13 on the law of the press and advertising. Volume 14 will contain indexes to all of the previous volumes. [sh/ldl]

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