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Dietrichs Index philosophicus. Osnabrück: Dietrich.

Basisdatenbank = Retrospective databank

1983-96. IBZ (1983,2-1996), IBR (1985-1996), IJBF (1983-1996). 1998. 1 CD-ROM + user's guide. ISBN 3-89186-022-6: DM 2,200.00; ISBN 3-89186-023-4 (subscription): DM 980.00 per year

This CD-ROM cumulates listings in philosophy, psychology, theology, and religious studies contained in the following three resources: IBZ (Internationale Bibliographie der Zeitschriftenliteratur [International Bibliography of Periodical Literature]), IBR (Internationale Bibliographie der Rezensionen [International Bibliography of Book Reviews]) and IJBF (Internationale Jahresbibliographie der Festschriften [International Annual Bibliography of Festschriften]). Annual updates are planned.

Searchable fields include subject keywords, personal names, titles, and broad subject areas. The interface allows for printing and exporting of retrieved sets and for saving search histories. (The search software was reviewed in the context of a review of IBZ in electronic form, RREA 2:28.)

The contents are derived by purely mechanical means from these original sources, based on the "phil" segments of these interdisciplinary indexes. The result is thus not truly a subject database but rather a subject-oriented segment of the original databases. The precise selection criteria remain unclear. Libraries who own the three original indexes can do without this CD-ROM compilation. A literature search will be more time consuming than with the CD-ROM, but this does not justify the duplication. On the other hand, despite the high price, it may be of interest to special libraries. [sah/rs]

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