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Zeitschriften-Inhaltsdienst Theologie: indices theologici; ZID [Theology Periodicals Abstracting Service]. Publ. for Universitätsbibliothek Tübingen, Theologische Abteilung. Tübingen: Universitätsbibliothek. (UB Tübingen, Theologische Abt., Postfach 2620, D-72016 Tübingen)

1998,1. 1 CD-ROM + user's handbook (5th ed.). DM 350.00 (2 issues annually)

This new edition of ZID, the computerized index to theology periodicals, was originally reviewed in RREO last year (see also RREA 3:125). It is characterized by improved search functionality, especially keyword searching. The rapid growth of the database (now up to 66,000 indexed articles, with 75,000 anticipated by the edition) is also noteworthy, as is the effort, beginning with the current edition and to continue in the future, to include the first names of authors. Also useful is the possibility of generating a listing of titles by author from the author index. For scholars working with German journals in the field of theology, the ZID is an optimal tool. [ar/jb]

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