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Bibliographie sélective de linguistique française et romane [Selective Bibliography of French and Romance-Language Linguistics]. Willy Bal. 2d ed. Louvain-la-Neuve: Duculot, 1997. 324 p. 24 cm. (Champs linguistiques: manuels). 1st ed. published as Bibliographie sélective de linguistique romane et française. ISBN 2-8011-1160-0: FB 1,380.00, FF 230.00

The second edition of this title improves on the first by including the titles of recent guides to reference works in Romance linguistics and by changing the previous title slightly to reflect the preponderance of space devoted to French linguistics as opposed to other Romance languages. The major appeal of this title is that it devotes a separate chapter to each of the Romance languages, even the more minor ones. Each chapter is subdivided into various specific sections such as bibliographies, periodicals, handbooks, onomastics, metrics, etc. The emphasis is on recent monographs and major essays, but "classics" from the past (back to the nineteenth century) are included as well. Entries are brief, omitting series.

Given its primary audience--students in the Romance languages--the omission of annotations, at least for the more important titles, is a major lapse. This reference tool opens itself to criticism, however, because of its continued omission of important bibliographic sources and the absence of a title index. In spite of these shortcomings, however, it remains a useful bibliography. [sh/jb]

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