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Brahms: signori, il catalogo č questo! [Brahms: Catalog of His Works]. Amadeo Poggi and Edgar Vallora. Torino: Einaudi, 1997. vi, 571 p. 20 cm. (Gli struzzi, 492) ISBN 88-06-14139-2: Lit. 48,000

The centenary of Brahms's death provided Poggi and Vallora with the occasion to published another in their series of catalogs (see RREO 1996; also RREA 2:193 and 2:194), which gives us reason to hope that they will compile more of these very useful and affordably priced musicological reference sources. Works are listed in the same order as in Margit McCorkle's standard index (1984), but without the titles listed in her appendices (e.g., spurious attributions). It is organized like the other volumes in the series: a catalog section (with information such as key, instrumentation, year of composition, etc.), followed by a commentary section. It concludes with a selective bibliography and an index according to instrumentation. Unfortunately there are no indexes by titles, beginnings of texts, names, or places. [mr/sl]


Antonín Dvorák: thematicky katalog; thematisches Verzeichnis [Thematic Catalog]. Jarmil Burghauser and John Clapham. Praha: Bärenreiter Editio Supraphon, 1996. 843 p. 31 cm. ISBN 80-7058-410-6: DM 298.00

The first Dvorák thematic catalog of note was published in 1917 by Otakar Sourek. It was followed 43 years later (1960) by Jarmil Burghauser's work, which has been the standard since. Now, after another 36 years and on the occasion of the author's 75th birthday, a revision of the Burghauser catalog has been published. It is a trilingual (Czech, German, English) thematic catalog (pp. 45-406), bibliography (pp. 407-487,) and overview of Dvorák's life and work (pp. 488-760) in one book. Fortunately, the chronological order of the listings has been largely maintained from the first edition. (Unfortunately for musicologists and scholars, this is often not the case, even with such important catalogs as Schmieder's for Bach and Köchel's for Mozart.)

The very extensive selective bibliography is organized into many more sections than in the first edition. Fewer newspaper, journal articles, and reviews of performances published from 1985 on are included "because of their increasing number and their decreasing significance." The discography from the first edition has been dropped entirely. Twelve indexes enhance the usefulness of this work. Indispensable for all libraries with holdings in music. [mr/sl]


Giselher Klebe: Werkverzeichnis 1947-1995. [Giselher Klebe: Thematic Catalog, 1947-1995]. Michael Rentzsch. Publ. for Stiftung Archiv der Akademie der Künste, Berlin. Kassel [et al.]: Bärenreiter, 1997. 288 p. 21 cm. ISBN 3-7618-1247-7: DM 88.00

Giselher Klebe was born in 1925. This thematic catalog (an expanded and revised 1991 dissertation) begins with compositions from 1947 on, thus omitting works written in Klebe's youth. Included are opus numbers 1 to 119 and twelve works without opus number. Other works without opus number that are held in the Giselher Klebe Archive have been left out at the composer's request. The amount of information provided for each work is inconsistent, though it can be quite extensive. An appendix offers an overview by genre, bibliographies of works by and about Klebe, a discography, and biographical data. An index of titles, a general index, and an index of texts would have been welcome. [mr/sl]

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