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Index to Book Reviews in England 1775-1800. Antonia Forster. London: British Library, 1997. lii, 490 p. 26 cm. ISBN 0-7123-0418-5: £85.00 [99-1/4-024] The sequel to a similar publication covering the years 1749-1774, this index is clear, focused, and well-supplied with helpful cross-references. Coverage is of 4,981 literary works as reviewed in twenty-seven British journals during the period; review citations are found under the work reviewed. The compiler examined at least one copy of nearly every reviewed work, resulting in a high level of citation accuracy. The introduction, less clearly organized than the work itself, characterizes the various review journals, as well as the nature of British literary reviewing in the period. The lack of indexing by subject, genre, and language of reviewed works limits the usefulness of this index somewhat, and a few works and journals are not covered here which are found in William S. Ward's Literary Reviews in British Periodicals 1789-1797 (New York, 1979). Even so, this is a primary tool for literary reception research. [sh/gw]

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