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Stamm Niederlande. Leitfaden durch Presse und Werbung: Verzeichnis und Beschreibung periodischer Publikationen in den Niederlanden [Stamm's Netherlands. Guide to the Press and Advertising: Inventory and Description of Periodical Publications in the Netherlands]. Essen: Stamm. 21 cm. ISSN 1435-0505 [99-1/4-021]

Vol. 1 (1998). Separate pagination. ISBN 3-87773-017-5: DM 99.00.

Handboek van de Nederlandse pers en publiciteit [Handbook of the Press and Publicity in the Netherlands]. Schiedam: Nijgh Periodieken. 21 cm. (Nijgh Periodieken, Postbus 122, NL-3100 AC Schiedam, fax [31 10] 4739911, e-mail: handboek@nijgh.nl) [99-1/4-022]

April 1999, Parts 1-3. ISBN 90-70431-74-2: Hfl. 315.00, Hfl. 450.00 (with October update)

Known for its German press directories since 1947, Stamm recently began issuing similar guides for Austria, Switzerland, and now the Netherlands. Like the others, the Netherlands directory covers, in separate sections, newspapers (141); advertising-oriented periodicals (948); magazines, journals, and annuals (8,341); radio and television stations (400); advertising agencies (over 1,300); and relevant trade organizations (130). Only a small proportion of these can be found in the foreign section of Stamm's German guide. The long-established, Dutch-language Handboek van de Nederlandse pers en publiciteit offers even broader coverage and considerably more information, in three parts updated semiannually, but at a correspondingly higher price. Which of these directories one subscribes to will depend on the level of coverage, completeness and currency in this area one is willing to pay for. [wub/gw]
  Zeitungen verzeichnen und nutzen: aktuelle Ansätze und Unternehmungen zur bibliographischen und archivalischen Beschreibung und Nutzung deutschsprachiger Zeitungen [Cataloging and Using Newspapers: Current Initiatives and Projects in Bibliographical and Archival Description and Use of German-Language Newspapers]. Ed. Hans Bohrman and Wilbert Ubbens. Berlin: Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut, 1998. 213 p. 24 cm. (Informationsmittel für Bibliotheken: Beiheft, 7) ISBN 3-87068-547-6: DM 30.00, DM 22.50 (subscription) [99-1/4-023] This volume--primarily a collection of essays--reflects a growing interest in newspapers as research material and a resulting concern with their preservation and cataloging. It offers theoretical discussions as well as reports of various regional projects (mostly in northern and eastern Germany, but also two in Austria). Bibliography, union listing, paper preservation, microfilming, and digitalization are all well represented. At the same time, the scope of the various reports is uneven, with the briefer ones predominating. The essay on the Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB) [Periodicals Database] by its director, Hartmut Walraven, shows a disappointing lack of perspective on the problems and potential of this dominant bibliographic project. Peter Stein, on the other hand, presents a convincing analysis of newspaper microfilming needs for Germany. Another highlight is Manfred Pankratz's compilation of bibliographies, catalogs, and union lists of German-speaking newspapers; this deserves to be continued as a separate publication. The volume unfortunately lacks an index, and a glossary would have been helpful, given the divergent use of specialist terminology. Even so, this work breaks new ground in documenting methods and requirements for ensuring comprehensive access to German newspapers. [wh/gw]
  France annuaires [France: Directories]. 2d ed. Paris: Varenne Entreprises, 1997. 875 p. ISBN 2 91002-11-X; ISSN 1250-5692: US$ 207

An RREO Original Review 

The second edition of France annuaires features more than 2,000 yearbooks, guides, and directories, including supplements to periodicals. The editors indicate that some of works listed have ceased publication, but that copies may still be obtained by contacting the publishers directly.

Entries are arranged by subject areas such as banking, fashion, gastronomy, bookstores and publishers, fairs and conferences, and so on. Each of the thirty-five main chapters is then subdivided into more specific headings. Chapter 17, for example, includes publishers, bookstores, information (i.e., libraries and documentation centers), and the press. A directory of chambers of commerce may be found in Chapter 4 under the general heading "Commerce and Distribution." Interestingly enough, France annuaires does not list itself, though it does include two similar publications: Annuaire des annuaires and Annuaires en Europe--neither of which is in RLIN or OCLC.

Each numbered entry offers a detailed description of contents and full bibliographic citation including frequency, price, ISSN, or ISBN. A new feature in this second edition is the inclusion of publishers' e-mail addresses and URLs, if available.

Directory titles are not duplicated from chapter to chapter. Considering that some of the items easily could be classified under several categories, the editors have wisely included seven indexes in the directory. Thus, the reader may locate a yearbook under title, title keyword, theme, geographical location, publisher, publisher's initialism, or alternative format. The 130-page thematic index, with numerous cross-references, breaks down broad categories into narrower topics. The International Directory of Antiquarian Booksellers is listed both under "Librairies, syndicat" [Booksellers, associations] and "Livre ancien/librairie" [Books, antiquarian/dealers]. Another valuable feature of this directory of directories is the index that indicates the availability of these publications in other than book formats, such as magnetic tapes, disks, databases, CD-ROMs, or through a Minitel connection.

France annuaires will appeal to area specialists among faculty, bibliographers, and reference librarians. It is a fine reference work in terms of content and accessibility and, as such, it is highly recommended to university library collections and special business collections of large public libraries.

Ceres Birkhead (University of Utah)

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