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Zwischen Schreibtisch und Straßenschlacht? Anarchismus und libertäre Presse in Ost- und Westdeutschland [From the Writer's Desk to the Barricades? Anarchism and the Libertarian Press in East and West Germany]. Bernd Drücke. Ulm: Klemm und Oelschläger, 1998. 640 p. ill. 21 cm. (K & O Wissenschaft, 2). Also: Münster, Univ., Diss., 1998. p. 514-570: Bibliographie der libertären Presse... vom 31. Dez. 1985 bis zum 31. Dez. 1995 [Bibliography of the Libertarian Press ...; from December 31, 1985 to December 31, 1995]. ISBN 3-932577-05-1: DM 59.80 [00-1/4-027]

A book that could only have been written in close proximity to the "scene," this title offers a political analysis of anarchism and libertarian socialism, a general history of the libertarian press in Germany, a detailed discussion of 96 West German and 6 East German libertarian periodicals, and an annotated bibliography of 475 West German and 21 East German libertarian periodicals published between December 31, 1985, and December 31, 1995. The work is based on the author's personal archive of over 7,000 issues; a survey of groups represented at the "Libertären Tagen" in 1993, and some follow-up interviews; notices in the TAZ (Die Tageszeitung); and several libertarian magazines that brought in supplemental material and ensured contact with the right people. The work serves as a complement to Holger Jenrich's earlier dissertation from the same university, which covered the German anarchist press from 1945 to 1985, although Drücke criticizes it as incomplete and consequently supplements it by 20 titles. A similar criticism applies to Drücke's work as well: it may be impossible to capture such a multifaceted scene fully in a work of this type, especially given the illegality or partial legality, not to mention internal fragmentation, of the subject of study. Drücke assumes this to be particularly true for the libertarian press of the German Democratic Republic, the smallest publications, and student magazines. His will certainly be one of the last works to rely on and present concrete evidence, as the Internet might push the libertarian press out into the anonymous security of the virtual. While Drücke sees encryption and low costs allowing broader and more secure dissemination, he also perceives the risk of leftist politics disappearing into the virtual, rather than bringing people together to make collective politics. Relevant academic departments and libraries are urged to preserve Drücke's private archive for the future; a search for these magazines in library catalogs would mostly be in vain. [wub/mm]

Die Wiener Tageszeitungen: eine Dokumentation [Documenting the Newspapers of Vienna]. Ed. Gabriele Melischek and Josef Seethaler. Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften. Frankfurt am Main [et al.]: Lang. 21 cm. (Publikationen der Historischen Pressedokumentation). [00-1/4-028]

Vol. 5. 1945-1955; mit einem Überblick über die österreichische Tagespresse der Zweiten Republik bis 1998 [1945-1955. Including a Survey of Austrian Newspapers from the Second Republic to 1998]. 1999. 284 p. ill. ISBN 3-631-33036-7: DM 84.00

Volume 5 of Die Wiener Tageszeitungen (published six years after volume 3, covering the period from the end of World War I to the "Anschluss" in 1938) consists of two parts. The first lists newspapers published from the liberation of Austria to the end of the Occupation. The second part contains daily newspapers of the Austrian states (excluding Vienna) from 1945 to 1998 and local newspapers with independent titles. Several articles on the Austrian press from 1945 on are also included. Both volumes are part of a database of Viennese daily newspapers from 1889 to the present, maintained by the Kommission für Historische Pressedokumentation der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften [Commission for Historical Documentation of the Press of the Austrian Academy of Sciences]. [sh/mjc]

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