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Olympische Sommerspiele: die Chronik [The Olympic Summer Games: A Chronology]. Volker Kluge. Berlin: Sportverlag. ISBN 3-328-00738-5: EUR 140.00 (set) [02-1-126]

Vol. 3. Mexiko-Stadt 1968—Los Angeles 1984 [Mexico City 1968—Los Angeles 1984]. Berlin: Sportverlag, 2000. 1,128 p. 21 cm. ISBN 3-328-00741-5: EUR 45.00 (or EUR 35.00 if complete set is purchased)
Vol. 4. Seoul 1988—Atlanta 1996. Berlin: Sportverlag, 2002. 1,023 p. 21 cm. ISBN 3-328-00830-6: EUR 45.00 (or EUR 35.00 if complete set is purchased)

The first two volumes of this chronicle (Athens 1896—Berlin 1936, and London 1948—Tokyo 1964) were issued in 1997 and 1998, respectively, and were reviewed positively (see IFB 99-1/4-341). The structure of the final two volumes is the same as that of their predecessors. The Games are presented in chronological sequence beginning with an introductory essay that covers the Olympic Committee, historical context, and organization of the Games, among other items of information. Each section includes numbers of athletes and teams, the sports represented, a calendar of the Games, and number of spectators, followed by full details of each competition, with names of participating athletes and results. The author has used both official and unofficial sources and cannot always guarantee that these are completely accurate, but the resulting reference work is still most praiseworthy and bound to please fans of the Olympic Games. Along with the author’s companion volume on the Winter Games, Olympische Winterspiele: Chamonix 1924—Nagano 1998 (Berlin, 1999), this reference work is recommended for both public and academic libraries. [sh/crc]

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