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Bibliographie zur deutschen Soziologie [Bibliography of German Sociology]. Matthias Herfurth. Opladen, Wiesbaden: Westdeutscher Verlag. 23 cm. [02-2-396]

Vol. 4. 1992/95. 2002. 884 p. ill. ISBN 3-531-13826-X: EUR 98.00

It has taken four years for the fourth volume of this bibliography to appear, although it is a printed extraction from the very up-to-date SOLIS [Social Sciences Literature Information System] database produced by the Informationszentrum Sozialwissenschaften [Information Center for the Social Sciences] in Bonn. (For a review of the first three volumes of the Bibliographie zur deutschen Soziologie see RREA 4:132.) Although it has the same layout as the previous volumes and covers one more publication year than volume 3, volume 4 has 1,300 fewer citations, a phenomenon for which no explanation is given. [sh/ldb]

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