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Repertorium territorialer Amtskalender und Amtshandbücher im Alten Reich: Adreß-, Hof-, Staatskalender und Staatshandbücher des 18. Jahrhunderts [Collection of Territorial Government Calendars and Manuals in the Old Empire: Address, Court, and State Calendars and Manuals of the 18th Century]. Volker Bauer. Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann. 25 cm. (Ius commune: Special issue, ...). [02-1-140]

Vol. 3. Der Westen und Südwesten [The West and Southwest]. 2002. ix, 789 p. (..., 147). ISBN 3-465-03179-2: EUR 119.00

The third and final volume of this bibliography needs little introduction, since volumes 1 (Northern and Central Germany) and 2 (Bavaria, Austria, Liechtenstein) were reviewed in 1999 (see RREA 5:209). In addition to providing addenda to the previous two volumes, it covers 26 territories which in their diversity (from imperial cities to clerical principalities) reflect the patchwork nature of the German Empire prior to 1806. The detailed bibliographic description of the individual documents is done with work in hand and includes library holdings information. A series of 11 content categories provides the internal structure of the entries. Three indexes are included: (1) content categories; (2) names of authors, editors, printers, and publishers; and (3) holding libraries. [sh/hh]

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