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Archive und Quellen zum Sport in der SBZ/DDR [Archives and Information Sources for Sports in the Soviet Occupation Zone/German Democratic Republic]. Hans Joachim Teichler, Wolfgang Buss, and Lorenz Pfeiffer for the Bundesinstitut für Sportwissenschaft. Köln: Sport und Buch Strauss, 2003. 716 p. 21 cm. (Wissenschaftliche Berichte und Materialien / Bundesinstitut für Sportwissenschaft, 2003-01). ISBN 3-89001-379-1: EUR 36 [03-1-049]

This guide to archival resources on sports in the former East Germany was assembled to support historical research in the wake of reunification. Archives are grouped according to level of government; holdings are described with shelf mark, keywords, time period covered, and notes on special contents as applicable, but with a disclaimer of completeness. In addition, the work offers appendices for abbreviations and archive addresses. [sh/gw]

Die Sportbeschlüsse des Politbüros: eine Studie zum Verhältnis von SED und Sport mit einem Gesamtverzeichnis und einer Dokumentation ausgewählter Beschlüsse [The Sports Decrees of the Politburo: A Study of the Relationship between the Socialist Unity Party and Sports, with a Comprehensive Index and Documentation of Selected Decrees]. Hans Joachim Teichler. Köln: Sport und Buch Strauss, 2002. 848 p. ill. 21 cm. (Wissenschaftliche Berichte und Materialien / Bundesinstitut für Sportwissenschaft, 2002-02). ISBN 3-89001-369-4: EUR 48 [03-1-050]

The importance of athletic competition as a tool of external propaganda for the former East German Communist regime meant that decisions regarding sports were made at the highest political levels: the Politburo and the Central Committee of the Socialist Unity Party. A 56-page essay on this relationship precedes a chronological register of the party’s more than 1,300 sports decrees. The texts of 83 of these decrees follow, reproduced in full and taking up the bulk of the book. [sh/gw]

Les musées de la police et des affaires criminelles du monde = Police and Crime Museums of the World = Polizei- und Kriminalmuseen der Welt. Ed. Friedrich Schwindt for the International Professional Commission of the International Police Association. Halle an der Saale: Stekovics, 2003. 283 p. ill. 22 cm. ISBN 3-89923-028-0: EUR 14 [03-1-052]

The organization that published this directory has “more than 360,000 members” and the mission of “promoting the professional image of police” (according to the back cover). Most museums listed appear to have been organized by the police for their own use, i.e., they present police work in terms of the equipment used by police and their adversaries. There are, however, also museums on legal matters (such as the Mittelalterliches Kriminalmuseum [Museum of Crime in the Middle Ages] in Rothenburg) and the penal system (Strafvollzugsmuseum [Museum of the Penal System] in Ludwigsburg). In all, 266 museums are listed, organized by the French name of the 43 countries, with parent organization, address, director, mission, opening times and access, some photos, and a generally very brief text in French, English, and German. Most of the museums are British and American, with the much smaller number in Germany forming the third-largest group. There is no index, and the apparent target audience is specialists among current members of the police; ordinary citizens will likely find sufficient information in regional museum directories. [sh/jpn]

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