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Reference Reviews Europe Annual: Based on Reviews Published in Informationsmittel: IFB, with Original Reviews Ed. Nancy Boerner, James Burgett, Beau David Case, Jerry Larson, and Marianna McKim. Fiesole: Casalini Libri. 21 cm. URL: http://rre.casalini.it. ISSN 1124-6332 [05-1-002]

8 2002. 2003 [appeared 2004]. 279 p. ISBN 88-85297-57-9: EUR 40

9 2003. 2005. 306 p. ISBN 88-85297-71-4: EUR 40

The previous practice of announcing the volumes of Reference Reviews Europe Annual in IFB as soon as possible after their publication was not followed for volume 8, so that now two volumes can be discussed simultaneously. Whereas previous volumes had appeared one year after the year reported in the IFB, whose reviews form the basis for the abstracts in RREA, both volumes 8 and 9 appeared two years afterward. There are, in addition, a varying number of original reviews, in which American librarians discuss reference works not found in IFB but which they consider relevant for their colleagues who collect European materials. Volume 8 contains 384 reviews (24 of them original), while volume 9 in its main section has 204 (11 of them original). A special feature found only in volume 9 is a second section offering another 159 abstracts under the rubric "A Retrospective Survey of Bibliographical [recte: Biographical] Resources" based on half of volume 1 of IFBís supplement 9. This collection of reviews for biographical reference works, principally from the 1990s, was intended as an aid for retrospective collection development. It is to be hoped that the second half-volume of supplement 9 –with regional biographies for Germany as well as biographies for the other German-speaking countries and for eastern and southern Europe, with Italy particularly well represented– will also be abstracted in RREAís volume 10. Thanks are due to the editors of RREA and to their collaborative North American colleagues, who, with high competence, expend such efforts to supply collection tips on non-English reference works for their monolingual co-workers. The European publishers are undoubtedly also pleased to expand their market for those works reviewed in IFB. Particular thanks go to Casalini Libri (Fiesole), who have carried forward the lovely tradition of publishing RREA in printed form parallel to the digital version, even long after IFB has departed the print realm and only appears as an online publication. [sh/rdh]

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