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Biographisches Handbuch des Deutschen Auswärtigen Dienstes 1871-1945 [Biographical Handbook of the German Foreign Service, 1871-1945]. Ed. Maria Keipert for the Auswärtiges Amt, Historischer Dienst. Paderborn: Schöningh. 25 cm. [07-2-576]

Vol. 3. L-R. Ed. Gerhard Keiper. 2008. xiv, 749 p. ill. ISBN 978-3-506-718426: EUR 158

This is the third volume of a projected five-volume biographical set issued by the Historical Service of the German Foreign Office (see RREA 6:265 and 11:166, respectively). The handbook covers all officials and higher-level employees of the Foreign Office, both at home and in diplomatic and consular service abroad. Also included are some outside experts in trade, the economy, culture, and the press. The data are based on systematically analyzed personnel files made available for the first time, as well as other source files. The latter supplementation of Foreign Office files was indicated in cases of gaps in the record due to war circumstances. Each article provides information on the individual’s career, including details and dates of postings, assignments, and other duties. One hopes that the remaining volumes of this set will appear in a timely manner, so that its very useful information can be made available to researchers immediately. [jli/rlk]

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