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Die handgezeichneten Karten des Staatsarchivs Bamberg bis 1780 [Hand-Drawn Maps in the State Archives of Bamberg up to 1780]. Ed. Richard Winkler. München: Generaldirektion der Staatlichen Archive Bayerns; Bayreuth: Bezirk Oberfranken, 2005. 574, [32] p. ill. 24 cm. (Bayerische Archivinventare, 48; Schriften zur Heimatpflege in Oberfranken, Reihe 1, Geschichte und Museumswesen, 4). ISBN 3-921635-93-4: EUR 30 [07-1-227]

Manuscript maps are a rich historical resource, yet the number of published catalogs of them is modest. The present volume, with its inventory of 900 maps spanning the 16th through the18th centuries, is a substantial addition. Excluding later holdings because the extant early catalogs ended in 1781, Winkler examined ca. 2,500 items in the map collection of the State Archives as well as ancillary research reports. Most of the maps are from two provenances: the Bishopric of Bamberg and the Principality of Brandenburg-Kulmbach-Bayreuth. Each map is described using the same 15-point descriptive format. This carefully compiled inventory is an outstanding tool for the support of a wide range of research, from regional and local history, to cultural landscape and cultural history, to cartography and art history. Unfortunately, the fact that the work was not also produced as an online database betrays a lack of awareness of user needs on the part of Archive’s administration. [hdw/rlk]

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