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Das alte Handwerk: von Bader bis Zinngießer [The Early Trades: From Barber-Surgeons to Pewtersmiths]. Ed. Reinhold Reith. München: Beck, 2008. 288 p. ill. 19 cm. (Beck’sche Reihe, 1841). ISBN 978-3-406-56823-7: EUR 14.95 [08-1/2-269]

This title was first published in 1990 (2d printing 1991) as Lexikon des alten Handwerks [Lexicon of Early Trades], thus the publisher’s presentation of the current work as an “Originalausgabe.” The editor has re-worked it and written an up-to-date introduction. The volume comprises 55 articles by 33 knowledgeable authors, and is rounded out by a bibliography of works published between 1865 and 2007 and an index. The historical period treated in the articles is from the late Middle Ages up to the 20th century within the German-speaking regions. The types of trades presented are either dying out or no longer practiced. Given this content, the reader often feels at a loss to understand the specialized terminology arising in the descriptions, and a dictionary is not much help. The text is enriched through the inclusion of 36 illustrations. This is a solid work, amply filled with reliable information on a topic sure to be of interest to those delving into economic history and labor. [wh/rlk]

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