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Répertoire des sigles et acronymes en usage dans la francophonie [Index to Sigla and Acronyms Used in the Francophone Countries] / compiled by Marie-Therese Pelou. - [Ottawa] : Banque Internationale d'Information sur les Etats Francophones. - 28 cm. - (BIEF ; ...). - (Banque Internationale ..., a/s Secretariat d'Etat du Canada, Ottawa, Canada K1A 0M5)

Ed. 3 (1993). - 285 p. - (... ; 3). - ISBN 2-921420-06-6 : CDN$ 60.00

Indexes 1772 acronyms (434 new to this edition) of corporate bodies, primarily from francophone countries. Entries in the first part (sorted alphabetically by acronym) includes addresses where available; there is also a full-name-to-acronym index. The emphasis on French and other Romance languages makes this a good supplement to the anglophone-oriented International Encyclopedia of Abbreviations of Acronyms of Organizations [sh/gw]


Répertoire des centres nationaux d'information scientifique et technique des Etats et gouvernements membres des sommets francophones [Directory of National Science and Technology Information Centers of the "Etats et Gouvernements Membres des Sommets Francophones"] / compiled by Lucie Lepine. - [Ottawa] : Banque Internationale d'Information sur les Etats Francophones. - 22 cm. - (BIEF ; ...). - (Banque Internationale ..., a/s Secretariat d'Etat du Canada, Ottawa, Canada K1A 0M5) 1993, avril. - 45 p. - (... ; 6). - ISBN 2-921420-07-4 : price not given, presumably free

Directory of 34 agencies in French-speaking countries responsible at the national level for scientific and technical information; 30 of the 46 francophone nations are represented. Entries may include name, director, address, year of founding and a description of functions. Of marginal interest overall, but the only place to find information on agencies in certain Third World countries not represented in Unesco's nearly thirty-year-old World Directory of National Science Policy-Making Bodies [sh/gw]


Handbuch für deutsch-internationale Beziehungen [Handbook of German-international Relations] : Verzeichnis deutscher und ausländischer Vertretungen, Verbindungsbüros und Informationsstellen in Politik, Wirtschaft, Kultur, Medienwirtschaft und Tourismus / Burkhard Herbote. - München [etc.] : Saur. - 25 cm. - (Handbuch der internationalen Dokumentation und Information ; 18)

1994. - XVI, 660 p. - ISBN 3-598-22231-9 : DM 298.00

This directory seeks to fill the need for one-stop access to organizations and agencies serving as information sources on nations other than Germany, and on their relationships with Germany in many fields of endeavor. Its nearly 18,000 entries cover 243 nation-states and territories as well as those organizations multinational in scope; each country's entries are divided into some 15 categories. Private as well as governmental organizations are represented, also opposition groups and independence movements. Coverage is oriented towards Germany (for example, foreign embassies, information offices, etc. in Germany but not in other countries; German-language media sources in non-German-speaking countries, but no similar information for other languages; etc.) Most entries contain addresses only; one hopes to see more brief descriptions of activities in future editions. [sh/gw]


Vademecum der Auslandskulturarbeit [Handbook of Foreign Cultural Exchange] : Informationen über die Tätigkeit amtlicher Stellen, Mittlerorganisationen und Institutionen in der auswärtigen Kulturarbeit / Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, Bibliothek und Dokumentation. Compiled by Udo Rossbach ; Helga Vetter. - Stuttgart : Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen. - 24 cm. - (Schriftenreihe des Instituts für Auslandsbeziehungen : Reihe Dokumentation ; 5). - (Institut ..., Bibliothek und Dokumentation, Postfach 102443, 70020 Stuttgart)

3 (1994). - 172 p. - price not given

This directory of governmental and other organizations and institutions concerned with cultural exchange contains 179 entries and includes not only names, addresses, and director's names, but also information about origins and parent organizations, activities, and periodical publications, as well as descriptive keywords. The keywords form the basis of a comprehensive index which not only lists the organizations pertaining to each subject, but (somewhat extravagantly) also repeats their activity descriptions. Highly recommended as a supplement to the Handbuch für deutsch-internationale Beziehungen (see 94-2-191), for while it treats only a subset of the organizations listed in the latter, it provides much more information about that subset. [sh/gw]


Speculum mundi : Roma, centro internazionale di ricerche umanistiche / Unione Internazionale degli Istituti di Archeologia, Storia e Storia dell'Arte in Roma. Introd. by Massimo Pallottino. Ed. by Paolo Vian. - [Roma : Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato, 1992]. - 837 p. ; 25 cm. - ISBN 88-240-0236-6 : Lit. 50,000.

Rome's history as capital first of the Roman Empire and then of the Christian world has left an incomparable accumulation of cultural artifacts and made it "an international center for humanistic research." Foreign countries as well as Italy have established national research institutes there, which, because of their collections and publications, have become familiar not only to scholars but also to librarians. This volume offers descriptions of 32 institutes from 16 countries (Germany has four). The descriptions are uneven in the level of detail about the institutes, their history, and their publications. A more concise listing of all research institutes for humanities research in Rome, with practical information, would be desirable as a handbook. [sh/gh]


Catalogo generale delle pubblicazioni [General Catalog of Publications] / Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. - Roma : Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. - 24 cm. - (Accademia ..., Ufficio Diffusione Pubblicazioni, Via della Lungara 10, 00165 Roma, Italy)

1946/93 (1994). - x, 279 p. - Free.

The Accademia dei Lincei, founded in 1603 and reconstituted in 1946, is the oldest and most influential research academy in Italy. This first volume of a long awaited catalog covers its monographic and serial publications (in and out of print) since 1946; another volume in preparation will cover publications before 1946. A good example of an institutional bibliography, useful for cataloging and collection development. [sh/gh]

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