AP-94-2 - Information Science, Archives, Libraries, Museums


Iconsource : CD-ROM-Datenbank / ed., Friedrich Rauch. - Version 2.01. - Hildesheim : Olms 1992. - 1 CD-ROM + handbook. - DM 980.00

This CD-ROM gives information (current as of 1992) about 2 million pictures on current topics (Zeitgeschehen in the broadest sense) offered by 22 agencies that sell illustrations for publication. It indexes all the words in the description of each picture, as listed by the agencies. It also offers Boolean search capabilities, but it does not contain the pictures themselves. This resource is intended primarily for picture editors of publications and is of less use for research. [ak/gh]


Deutsche Wirtschaftsarchive [German Business Archives] : Nachweis historischer Quellen in Unternehmen, Korperschaften des öffentlichen Rechts (Kammern) und Verbänden der Bundesrepublik Deutschland / commissioned by the Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte e.V. [Society for Business History], edited by Klara von Eyll [et al.] - Stuttgart : Steiner. - 23 cm.

Vol. 1 - 3rd edition, completely revised / by Renate Schwarzel. - 1994. - X, 357 p. - ISBN 3-515-06211-4 : DM 68.00

The third edition of vol. 1 of this directory deserves the designation "completely revised." Its expanded coverage includes the new federal states, and the limited archival descriptions of earlier editions have usually been substantially enriched. The following categories of information are provided: Address; Archive Personnel; Branch; Concise Company History (some very extensive); Archive Holdings (size, contents, and access); Bequests; Special Collections; Company Museums; List of Publications; and Conditions of Use. The entries vary in length, based in large part on the amount of information obtained from the repository, and therefore not always reflecting the relative importance of the archive. Archives were selected on the basis of general conditions for use, provided their holdings were at least 30 years old, with a cut-off date of December 31, 1992. Unfortunately, the organizational structure and the index are not well-crafted, often lacking consistent formulation of headings and patterns of nomenclature, making it difficult to access the enhanced contents of this new edition. One hopes that the revised editions of the second (archives of banks, 1988, out of print) and third (business records in public archives, 1991, in print) volumes will match the quality of the first volume's content, and, will remedy the shortcomings of its construction and index. [sh/mlb]


Bibliografia dell'Archivio Vaticano [Bibliography of the Vatican Archive] / edited by the Commissione Internazionale per la Bibliografia dell'Archivio Vaticano. - Citta del Vaticano : Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana. - 26 cm.

Vol. 5 (1992). - XX, 576 p. - ISBN 88-210-0640-9 : Lit. 50,000

This is the fifth volume in a series started in 1962. It evaluates 556 books and articles (230 Italian, 182 German, and others), which are listed alphabetically by author in Part 1. Part 2, the main body of the work, lists materials pertaining to the Vatican Archive generally, then those dealing with the numerous individual collections alphabetically by name of collection, and then those describing individual works in the collections, listed by call number. Part 3 is a concordance of old or incorrect call numbers to current correct ones. The earlier four volumes are still available at Lit. 60,000 each. [sh/hh]


Les bibliothèques nationales de la francophonie [The National Libraries of the Francophone Countries] : repertoire des bibliotheques nationales des Etats et gouvernements membres des sommets francophones / compiled by Real Bosa. - Montreal : Bibliotheque Nationale du Quebec ; Banque Intern. d'Information sur les Etats Francophones, 1993. - 223 p. ; 28 cm. - ISBN 2- 551-13204-5 : Can$ 25.00. - (Bibliotheque Nationale du Quebec, Section de l'Edition, 1700, rue Saint-Denis, Montreal (Quebec) H2X 3K6, Canada)

This directory lists detailed data for 41 national libraries belonging to the organization known as Etats et Gouvernements Membres des Sommets Francophones in eight categories: 1. General, 2. depository library collections and guidelines, 3. national bibliography, 4. holdings, 5. circulation, 6. publications and exhibits, 7. other functions, 8. membership in international organizations and programs (e.g. ISSN). Of special interest is the information provided for the developing countries (usually former French colonies), which is usually hard to find. There are plans to make this a regularly updated publication. In view of the important role of national libraries, their national bibliographies and other bibliographical products for international cooperation, a good directory of this unique group of libraries is to be applauded. [sh/hh]


Handbuch der Bibliotheken Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz [Library Directory : Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, Switzerland] - München : Saur. - 24 cm. - ISSN 0176-3180

Ed. 3 (1993). - X, 650 p. - ISBN 3-598-11156-8 : DM 178.00, DM 148.00 (for listed libraries)

This is the third edition (after 1984 and 1989) of this three- country directory and the first listing libraries in the former GDR, bringing the total number of entries to 7,705. The entries are subdivided by the three countries and alphabetically by place name under each. The subject index remains a weak point, proving erratic in indexing the collecting emphases and special collections of individual libraries. Since this volume is an excerpt from the database of the World Guide to Libraries this directory is redundant for libraries already owning the World Guide [sh/hh]


Adreßbuch deutscher Bibliotheken. Diskettenversion [Directory of German Libraries. Diskette version] : full-text searching with the search module of the program Freitext / Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut. - Berlin : Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut. - 1993. - 1 diskette. - DM 20.00

The second machine-readable edition of this directory to approx. 5,500 German public and academic libraries is due Spring 1995. It is to appear in alternating years to the print version. Although it does not include branch libraries of public libraries and academic departmental libraries (Institutsbibliotheken), it is much more extensive than Das Jahrbuch der deutschen Bibiotheken, which covers only 819 libraries. The interface is powerful and user-friendly. [bh/sl]


Adreßbuch deutscher Bibliotheken [Directory of German libraries] / Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut. - Berlin : Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut. 24 cm...- ISSN 0939-5032. 1993/94 (1994). - XIV, 265 p. - ISBN 3-87068-444-5 : DM 30.00, DM 24.00 (subscr. price)

This is the third edition (previous eds. in 1990, 1991/92) of the first post-unification German library directory, including 5,362 libraries of all types, organized alphabetically by location. On the whole, users will probably prefer use the separate directories for academic and public libraries, since the information they provide is more detailed. Henceforth the print and diskette versions of this directory will be published in alternate years. [sh/sl]


Sigelverzeichnis für die Bibliotheken der Bundesrepublik Deutschland [Index to German libraries whose holdings are listed in the German union list of serials, Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB)] / Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preussischer Kulturbesitz ; Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut. - Berlin : Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut. - 21 cm. ... ISSN 0724-2530.

1992 (1993). - XVII, 483 p. - ISBN 3- 87068-438-0 : DM 40.00

Lists 3,682 libraries (1,710 in western Germany, 972 in eastern Germany), current through 1992. Sigelliste der Bibliotheken in den neuen Bundesländern is still needed for reliable information on east German libraries. For each library, a variety of ILL-relevant information is given. [sh/sl]


Sigelverzeichnis für die Bibliotheken der Leihverkehrsregion Berlin-Brandenburg [Index to libraries in the Berlin-Brandenburg ILL region whose holdings are listed in the German union list of serials, Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB)] / Berliner Gesamtkatalog ; Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preussischer Kulturbesitz ; Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut. - Berlin : Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut. - 24 cm. - 1994. - XI, 215 p. - ISBN 3-87068-448-8 : DM 18.00

A regional edition of the Sigelverzeichnis for all of Germany (see 94-2-209, above), updated to March 1994 and including also university departmental libraries (not included in the national edition). Also includes an index by subject to areas of collection strength and to special collections, although the entries themselves give no information of this kind. No other regional directories of this type are planned. [sh/sl]


Jahrbuch der öffentlichen Bibliotheken [Public Libraries Annual] / published by the Verein der Bibliothekare an Offentlichen Bibliotheken. Editor: Petra Hauke. - Bad Honnef : Bock + Herchen. - 25 cm. - Until 15th ed. (1990) under the title: Handbuch der öffentlichen Bibliotheken
1994/95 (1994). - XIV, 288 p. - ISBN 3-88347-175-5 : DM 68.00

Superseding the Handbuch der öffentlichen Bibliotheken which ceased with its 15th edition (1989), the Jahrbuch der öffentliche Bibliotheken contains information compiled between October 1993 and February 1994 on 1,944 German public libraries. Besides names and addresses, among other data, it provides information on personnel, hours of service, special libraries, special services, and CD-ROM and telecommunications technologies available. The Jahrbuch is scheduled to appear every two years. [sh/mjc]


Jahrbuch der deutschen Bibliotheken [German Libraries Annual] / published by the Verein Deutscher Bibliothekare. - Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz. - 25 cm. - ISSN 0075-2223

55 (1993). - XX, 573 p. - ISBN 3-447-03267-7 : DM 112.00

The current issue of Jahrbuch der deutschen Bibliotheken lists 688 German libraries with holdings of over 50,000 volumes (100,000 for institutions of higher learning) or of particular scientific or cultural value, or that are particularly active in interlibrary loan. For the first time it includes a section on cooperative agreements with libraries of the European Communities, Austria and Switzerland. The section listing personal names, useful as it is, is lacking in many categories and should be more inclusive. [sh/mjc]


Erwerbungsabteilungen deutscher Bibliotheken (EDB) : Personen & Anschriften [Acquisitions Departments in German Libraries : People and Addresses] / compiled by Stephen Roper with Hiltrud Wilfert. Edited by Margot Wiesner. - Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz. - 25 cm. - (Bibliotheksarbeit). - ISSN 0945-4632

1993/94 (1993). - 99 p. - ISBN 3-447-03464-5 : DM 42.00

A "practical manual" intended to make it easier for colleagues and distributors to contact those responsible for acquisitions and gifts and exchange in 362 public and special libraries in Germany. It is questionable whether this manual is particularly useful, as colleagues and distributors to libraries always have the necessary phone numbers and addresses in their current business files. It would be sufficient if this information were included in the Jahrbuch der deutschen Bibliotheken [sh/mjc]


Verzeichnis deutscher Fachhochschulbibliotheken [Directoryof German Technical College Libraries] / compiled by Michael Schanbacher. [For the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Fachhochschulbibliotheken in der Sektion 4 des Deutschen Bibliotheksverbandes]. - Berlin : Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut. - 21 cm.

1. 1992/93 (1993). - 91 p. - ISBN 3-87068-431-3 : DM 14.00

This directory of technical college libraries lacks such basic information as the names of the directors of the libraries and the size of their holdings. Even for the purposes of technical college libraries it is insufficient. Information is better retrieved from the Jahrbuch der deutschen Bibliotheken [sh/mjc]


Handbuch der juristischen Bibliotheken [Handbook of Law Libraries] : Deutsche Allgemein- und Spezialbibliotheken mit bedeutenden juristischen Beständen sowie Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Juristisches Bibliotheks- und Dokumentationswesen ; Darstellung, Verzeichnis und Bibliographie / compiled by Ralph Lansky. - Berlin: Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut, 1993. - XVI, 333 p. - ISBN 3-87068-437-2. : DM 46.00

This handbook of law libraries is a compilation of responses to a survey sent in Spring 1993 to 135 law libraries and other libraries with substantial holdings in jurisprudence. In addition to library collections and holdings information, there is an annotated bibliography, an address section, and index. A 13-page summary article on German law libraries appears in English translation. A new edition is planned some five years hence which is anticipated to include information on law libraries in Austria and Switzerland. [sh/sd]


Umweltbibliotheken : ein aktueller Wegweiser [Environmental Libraries : A Current Guide] / Antje Lembach. - Bonn : Wissenschaftsladen Bonn, 1994. - 135 p. - ISBN 3-9802020-3-8 : Free for libraries

In addition to examining the holdings of the German Federal Department of the Environment, this Guide to Environmental Libraries provides details on 103 other libraries in Germany and information on numerous environmental initiatives. The volume contains a list of addresses. [sh/sd]


Informationen zu den regionalen und überregionalen Verbundsystemen in Deutschland [Information on Regional and Area Networks in Germany] / ed. by the Sekretariat der Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Verbundsysteme, Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut. - Berlin : Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut.

3(1994). - 100 p. + diskette. - ISBN 3-87068-454-2 : DM 16.00

This revised 3rd edition contains information on the networks of Bayern, Berlin-Brandenburg, Niedersachsen/Sachsen-Anhalt, Hessen, Norddeutschland, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Sudwestdeutschland. Specific information on a variety of areas is presented and includes hardware/software issues, organization, data format, bibliographic standards, growth rate of data and its use, projects and perspectives, and the status of participants. Most information appears to be duplicated in the Jahrbuch der deutschen Bibliotheken [sh/sd]


Überlieferung und Kritik : zwanzig Jahre Barockforschung in der Herzog-August-Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel [Tradition and Criticism : twenty years of Baroque Scholarship at the Herzog August Library of Wolfenbüttel]. - Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 1993. - 263 p. ; 26 cm. - (Wolfenbütteler Arbeiten zur Barockforschung ; 21) : DM 128.00

This volume is another contribution in the area of Baroque studies and research at the great library in Wolfenbüttel. Essays focus on the extent and variety of collections (both book and non-book), their cataloging and organization, and their use by scholars worldwide. The volume includes an annotated, chronological listing of works published by the Herzog August Library on the Seventeenth Century, and a name index. [sh/sd]


Bibliothek und Wissenschaft [Library and Scholarship]. - Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz. - 24 cm. - ISSN 0067-8236.

26. 1992/93 (1993). - VII, 214 p. - DM 198.00

This is vol. 26 (1992/93) of an annual publication still often referred to as the Heidelberger Jahrbuch, although not a single one of its editors still works at the Heidelberg University library. The contributions are overwhelmingly historical in nature and center around Heidelberg. Represented in the topic matter of the collection are libraries in Strassburg, Freiburg, Bretten, Darmstadt, and two libraries which have been physically removed from their original sites (i.e. the Landesbibliothek, the Muhardsche Bibliothek der Stadt Kassel and the Herzogin-Anna-Amalia-Bibliothek in Weimar). [sh/ljr]


Catalogo delle biblitheche d'Italia. Umbria [Catalog of the Libraries of Italy. Umbria] / Ministero per i Beni Culturali e Ambientali, Ufficio Centrale per i Beni Librari e gli Istituti Culturali, Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo Unico delle Biblioteche Italiane e per le Informazioni Bibliografiche. Regione Umbria, Ufficio per i Beni e i Servizi Bibliotecari e Archivistici e per le Attivita dello Spettacolo. - Roma : ICCU ; Milano : Editrice Bibliografica. - 24 cm. - ISBN 88-7107-030-5 (Collected work)

1993. - X, 274 p. - Lit. 35,000.

Up to now the major Italian library directory and handbook for official Italian libraries has been the Annuario delle biblioteche italiane (Annual of the Italian Libraries). This new edition with altered title will encompass the twenty Italian regions. The responsible authorities in each region and questionnaires have provided information for ca. 13,000 libraries. The individual volume for Umbria lists 280 libraries, of which 185 are in some sense "special libraries." Some 108 libraries are connected with universities, another 78 with city governments, and 43 with ecclesiastical bodies, whereas 51 belong to other jurisdictions. Only school and parish libraries remain unexamined. A negative feature is the failure of the foreword to relate the new edition with the old Annuario (whose citations are more complete than those in this edition). Though this set cannot be compared with the superior Handbuch der historischen Buchbestände in Deutschland [Handbook of the Historical Book Collections in Germany], it is still an indispensable tool for a visit to Italian libraries or for bibliographical research about the library collections, which remain virtually unknown. [sh/ljr]


Repertorio delle biblioteche italiane [Directory of Italian Libraries] / Francesco Marraro. - Roma : Olgiata Editrice. - 27 cm. - (Olgiata Editrice, Largo Olgiata 15/106, 00123 Roma, Italy).

Ed. 2 (1993). - 574 p. - Lit. 98,000

Previous to this directory, information for Italian library addresses had to be taken from the World Guide to Libraries, which reported only the most important libraries (cf. the 11th ed. of 1993). With the appearance of this directory in 1989, it is possible to find the addresses for ca. 12,400 libraries of all kinds, arranged according to region, then province, then local community, all in alphabetical order. One negative feature is the fact that many small libraries provide only addresses. For the major libraries, the reader may also consult the World Guide to Libraries [sh/ljr]


Guida alle biblioteche della Provincia di Firenze [Guide to the Libraries of the Province of Florence] / Provincia di Firenze, Regione Toscana. / Ed. by Luciano Fioravanti. - Firenze : All'Insegna del Giglio, 1993. - XIX, 496 S. ; 24 cm. - (Biblioteca dell-Assessorato alla Cultura ; 13). - ISBN 88-7814-031-7 : Lit. 50,000

Since the multi-volumed Catalogo delle biblioteche d'Italia [Catalog of the Libraries of Italy] will take many years to cover the various Italian regions, this regional study takes on special importance. It covers 466 libraries, mostly in Florence, and is organized according to the names of the libraries, personal names (both library founders and present librarians), collection strengths, and special collections. The index, however, appears to be incomplete. The statistical information is intended to facilitate library planning in the Province of Florence. [sh/ljr]


Biblioteche d'Italia : le biblioteche pubbliche statali [Libraries of Italy : The State Libraries Open to the Public] / [ideazione: Francesco Sicilia]. Ministero per i Beni Culturali e Ambientali, Ufficio Centrale per i Beni Librari e gli Istituti Culturali. - [Roma], 1991. - 538 p. ; 28 cm. : Lit. 100,000. - (Ufficio ..., Via M. Mercati 4, 00197 Roma, Italy)

A collective portrait of 48 major Italian libraries, including a historical sketch, descriptions of the building and of the collections, information regarding catalogs, and a bibliography of publications concerning each library. The publication serves primarily as a promotional vehicle for the issuing agency (to which the 48 libraries belong). Potential buyers should wait for the appropriate regional volumes of the new Catalogo delle biblioteche d'Italia [sh/ljr]


Information Schweiz [Information Switzerland] : Bibliotheken, Archive, Dokumentationsstellen, Datenbankanbieter = Information Suisse. Aarau ; Frankfurt am Main : Sauerlander, 1994. - 280 p. - ISBN 3-7941-3721-3 : DM 23.00

An expanded version of the 1988 and 1991 editions of Bibliothekstaschenbuch Schweiz [Library Handbook of Switzerland], this title supplies descriptions of libraries, archives, and other information centers in Switzerland. Entries are arranged by geographical location and include the institution's address, subject focus and size of collection, limitations of use, and catalog information. Subject indexes in French and German are provided, but a subdivision by subject within the geographical listings (especially for larger cities) would make this work more manageable for the user. [sh/ldb]

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