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Literatur zur deutschsprachigen Presse : eine Bibliographie ; von den Anf&aumlngen bis 1970 [Bibliography of the German-language Press: A Bibliography ; From the Beginnings to 1970] / Gert Hagelweide. - München [u.a.] : Saur. - 31 cm. (Dortmunder Beiträge zur Zeitungsforschung ; 35). - ISBN 3-598-21284-4

Vol. 4. 33165 - 47705 : Wesen und Funktion periodischer Druckpublizistik ; Tageszeitungen (Presse) ; die Zeitschrift ; Almanache und Kalender ; die Presse (Tageszeitung) in Geschichte und Gegenwart. [Purpose and Function of Serialized Printed Journalism ; Daily Newspapers; Magazines ; Almanacs and Calendars; The Daily Press in History and Today]

- 1993. - XXIII, 546 p. - ISBN 3-598-21291-7 : DM 320.00

This is the fourth volume of a planned nine-volume bibliography on the German-language press. The first volume was published in 1985, and with five volumes yet to appear, the compiler will hardly be able to fulfill his self-imposed completion date of 1994. This massive project (there are already some 50,000 titles listed) will comprehensively cover all material on the press up to 1970 when complete, and so will be an invaluable aid for any historical research in this area. Since the last volume will be the index, the extensive table of contents of each volume, which carefully outlines the hierarchical structure of the work, is an absolute necessity. It should be noted that two of the three volumes already published are now out of print. [sh/rob]

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