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Mediengeschichte in tabellarischem Überblick : von den Anfängen bis heute [Media history in tabular overview: from the beginning until today] / Werner Faulstich und Corinna Ruckert. - Bardowick : Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Werner Faulstich, 1993. - Vols. 1-2 ; 21 cm. - (IfAM-Arbeitsberichte ; 8). ISBN 3-89153-023-4 : DM 140.00 - (Wissenschaftlicher-Verlag Werner Faulstich, Wittofer Str. 35, 21357 Bardowick, Germany)

Pt. 1. Mediengeschichte [Media history]. - 1993. 343 p. Pt. 2. Geschichte von Einzelmedien [History of individual media]. - 1993. - p. 348-587.

This work is a computer-generated collection of data which has been gleaned from standard works on the history of media. The information has been organized both chronologically (pt. 1) and by 17 categories of media types (pt. 2) (e.g., letter, book, computer, tv, film, poster, telephone, etc.). Each entry contains a short (160 character) description of an event in the history of media; the chronological entries give a brief citation of the source. This is part of the very active publications program of the Institute for Applied Media Research (Institut fur angewandte Medienforschung) at the University of Luneburg (Germany). The very small print run (120 copies) accounts for the relatively high price. [wu/ldb]


Deutsche literarische Zeitschriften von der Aufklärung bis zur Romantik : Bibliographie der kritischen Literatur von den Anfängen bis 1990 [German literary periodicals from the Enlightenment to Romanticism : bibliography of criticism from the beginnings until 1990] / by Doris Kuhles. Stiftung Weimarer Klassik, Herzogin-Anna-Amalia-Bibliothek. - München [etc.]: Saur, 1994. - Pts. 1-2 ; 25 cm. - (Bibliographien und Kataloge der Herzogin-Anna-Amalia-Bibliothek zu Weimar.) - ISBN 3-598-11159-2. - DM 398

Published in advanced of a projected analytical index of the journals of the cultural and literary circles of Weimar and Jena, this is an extensive and annotated listing of the relevant secondary literature pertaining to 3072 literary journals and newspapers which began publication between 1688 and 1830. Although a compendium of this nature is a clear desideratum and the present work will be of considerable practical value, the arbitrary exclusion of much useful information, e.g. editorial self-characterizations of the journals, and of titles which did not meet the (hazy) selection criteria will frustrate many. Coverage of the critical literature is weaker for the earlier period (to 1830) than for subsequent years. [gh/jg]

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