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Grundwissen Medien [Introduction to Media] / Werner Faulstich, ed. - München : Fink, 1994. - 392 p. ; 19 cm. - (UTB für Wissenschaft : Uni-Taschenbücher ; 1773). - ISBN 3-8252-1773-6 (UTB) - ISBN 3-7705-2918-9 (Fink) : DM 34.80

After a long introduction about the development of media studies, the first part of the text has sections about media theory, history, economics, politics, law, psychology, ethics, aesthetics and culture. The second part consists of essays about the history, production, distribution and reception of seventeen specific types of media, primarily in Germany, with somewhat uneven coverage. All entries have bibliographical references and there is a detailed subject index. The book is more of an introduction to the topic than a reference book, but given the fact that it is the only work of its kind and very reasonably priced, it can be recommended for libraries. [wub/mrh]

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