BC-94-1 - Philology: Languages and Linguistics


Studienbibliographie Linguistik [Selective Bibliography of Linguistics] / Hans-Dieter Kreuder. Bibliographie zur Sprachwissenschaft / von Lothar Berger and Christa M. Heilmann. - Third, newly revised and enlarged ed. - Stuttgart : Steiner, 1993. - 198 p. ; 24 cm. - ISBN 3-515-06362-5 : DM 36.00

This edition updates the material of the now 11-year-old earlier edition; it is somewhat larger (2128 vs. 1910 titles) and the revision reflects the changing significance of some subject areas in linguistics. For this reason it should not be considered a replacement for the earlier edition. Like its predecessor, it is distinguished by an excellent selection of titles, whose entries include a short--for some, too short--one to two line annotation. The material is effectively organized by kinds of works and subfields in linguistics, and there is also a section on speech. The entries are very abbreviated, and do not include publisher or pagination. This work should be considered an important acquisition for any library that collects in the field. [wb/rob]


Erlanger Bibliographie zur germanistischen Sprachwissenschaft [Erlanger Bibliography of Germanistic Linguistics] / ed. by H. H. Munske and G. van der Elst. - 2nd, revised and enlarged ed. - Erlangen : Palm & Enke, 1993. - 94 p. ; 22 cm. - (Erlanger Studien ; 99). - ISBN 3-7896-0199-3 : DM 12.00

The size, format, and content place this work squarely in the category of bibliographical introductions to a field--in this case linguistics. It is not intended to be comprehensive, and only monographs are included. Title entries are abridged, not even the publishers are noted. The organization of the material is limited to broad categories, mostly tailored to student readers, though newer fields of research, in particular computational linguistics, German as a foreign language, and feminist linguistics, are given special consideration. Instead of annotations, various symbols are used to note a book's value. It cannot compare, either in extent or usefulness, to Hans Kreuder's Studienbibliographie Linguistik (94-1-052, above.) [wb/rob]

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