BC-94-2 - Philology: Languages and Linguistics

94-2-259 - 94-2-266

Studienbibliographien Sprachwissenschaft [Selective Bibliographies in Linguistics]. - Vols. 1-8. - Heidelberg : Groos, 1990-1993. - 45 p. (average) ; 21 cm + diskette. - ISBN 3-87276-637-6 (vol. 1) : DM 12.80 (paper) ; DM 18.80 (diskette)

The individual volumes cover the following topics: negation (v. 1), understanding text (v. 2), critique of language (v. 3), discourse research and communication in institutions (v. 4), language of science (v. 5), orthography (v. 6), text linguistics (v. 7), and neurolinguistics (v. 8). Although individual compilers are recognized experts (W. Dieckmann, K. Brinker, et al.) and the brief introductions are usually worthwhile, this series lacks a unifying editorial concept. Volume topics range widely from highly technical subjects, e.g. neurolinguistics, to others of an almost popular interest, e.g. orthography. Individual volumes are inconsistently structured, subject categories often too general to be useful. German titles are predominant. These bibliographies are highly selective (as few as 350 titles in some volumes), which may make them useful to small or departmental libraries but of little or no value in larger collections. The diskettes were found to be highly unsatisfactory from every point of view. [wb/jg]


Metzler-Lexikon Sprache [Metzler Language Dictionary] / edited by Helmut Gluck. - Stuttgart [etc.] : Metzler, 1993. - XX, 711 p. ; 24 cm. - ISBN 3-476-00937-8 : DM 48.00

This one-volume encyclopedia, with approximately 5000 articles signed by 70 contributors, is intended not only for linguists, but for everyone who deals seriously with language, including editors, sociologists, jurists, and students of literature. It is too heavily oriented to German and in direct comparison sometimes less satisfying than Bussmann's Lexikon der Sprachwissenschaft (2d ed., 1990), but it nonetheless deserves a place in every general research library. [wb/jg]


Textgrammatik der deutschen Sprache [Textual Grammar of the German Language] / by Harald Weinrich. With Maria Thurmair ... - Mannheim : Dudenverlag, 1993. - 1111 p. ; 23 cm. - ISBN 3-411-05261-9 : DM 89.00

A recent trend in linguistics, in which Harald Weinrich has already made a name for himself (Textgrammatik der französischen Sprache), is the theory of textual grammar, which recognizes the text, rather than the word or the sentence as the natural manifestation of language. This volume, with its nine chapters ranging from the general (Grammatical theory) to the specific (Word formation) is a new grammar book for the German language, and as such proves useful for quick reference as well as for introductory readings for linguists not familiar with this theory of grammar. The indexes of linguistic terms are most useful. A must for the reference section of every [German] library, but it should supplement and not replace the traditional "classic" Grammatik-Duden, for most of today's scholars and library users are still trained in the traditional grammar. [sh/hh]

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