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Das Literaturbuch : literarisches Leben in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland [The Literature Book : Literary Life in the Federal Republic of Germany] / ed. by the Deutscher Kulturrat on behalf of the Fördergesellschaft für Kulturelle Bildung des Deutschen Kulturrates e.V. Ed.: Frank Niederländer with Gabriele Schulz. - Baden-Baden : Nomos-Verlags-Gesellschaft. - 24 cm.

1993/94 (1993). - 868 p. - ISBN 3-7890-3106-2 : DM 98.00

This listing of over 4,500 German institutions and organizations related to contemporary German literature is very sloppily produced, difficult to use and error-prone. It should not have been published. Readers are advised to use instead the relevant chapters in Blinn's Informationshandbuch deutsche Literaturwissenschaft (1990) and the serial Kürschners Literaturkalender. [hak/sl]


Lexikon deutschsprachiger Schriftsteller : von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart [Dictionary of German-language Authors: from the beginnings to the present] / orig. by Gunter Albrecht ... Hildesheim [etc.] : Olms. - 22 cm. - Vol. 1 published by Verlag Bibliographisches Institut, Leipzig.

Vol. 2: 20. Jahrhundert [Twentieth Century] / edited by Kurt Böttcher ... - 1993. - 860 p. - ISBN 3-487-09611-0 : DM 98.00

This volume contains roughly 1000 entries for German-language literary authors of the 20th century. (The original ed. was published in one volume in Leipzig in 1974, under the same title.) Entries cover biographical data, brief comments on important works and selective (not research-level) bibliographies. Despite its publication date (1993) this is a GDR product in its selections, balance of coverage and critical tone. It shows no obvious election principle, has many mistakes, gaps (especially among younger authors) and quirks (some authors appear within the entries for others). The result is inconsistent, lacking in editorial control and not always reliable. [hak/rp]


Deutsche Dichter : Leben und Werk deutschprachiger Autoren vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart [German Writers: The Life and Work of German-Speaking Authors from the Middle Ages to the Present] / ed. by Gunter E. Grimm and Frank Rainer Max. - Stuttgart : Reclam, 1993. - 886 p. ; 25 cm. - ISBN 3-15-010388-6 : DM 98.00

This is an updated, one-volume edition of the work by the same title published 1988-1990, with 168 essays covering major German authors from medieval times to the present. The essays vary in style and format, but they offer excellent introductions to the life and work of the authors covered. There are almost no bibliographical references. Although not intended primarily for an academic audience, this work is appropriate for collections used by beginning students of German literature. [hak/sl]


Deutsche Literaturgeschichte : von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart [German Literary History: From the Beginnings to the Present] / by Wolfgang Beutin... - 4th, revised ed. - Stuttgart : Metzler, 1992. - X, 626 p. : ill. ; 25 cm. - ISBN 3-476-00776-6 : DM 39.80

This one-volume history of German literature stands out among others of its kind in its quality and its usefulness. The contributors are mostly the same as in the third edition, published three years earlier. The book is divided into epochs, with emphasis placed on newer literature. Medieval literature is covered in only 50 pages. The contributions display solidly based knowledge which incorporates the latest research, good readability, and a wealth of information. A selective bibliography, which suggests further reading, concludes the work. [rt/mrh]


Geschichte der deutschsprachigen Literatur seit 1945 [History of German-language Literature since 1956] / Ralf Schnell. - Stuttgart [etc.] : Metzler, 1993. - XI, 611 p. ; 25 cm. - ISBN 3-476-00914-9: DM 58.00

The introductory chapter of this history of German-language literature presents succinct information about organizations and publications associated with the book trade, primarily in former West Germany. The main body of the work is devoted to literature in the GDR (east Germany) (pp. 113-237) and literature in the FRG (west Germany) (pp. 239-512). Swiss literature and Austrian literature are given only a few pages, and German-language literature abroad is not mentioned. Some significant authors do not appear either in the main text or in the 60-page author dictionary (which comes at the end of the work and includes only 250 names), while numerous less important authors are mentioned. [hak/mrh]


"In der Ferne gegenwärtig" : Katalog der Goethe-Bibliothek Dorn [Catalogue of the Dorn Goethe Library] / edited by Richard W. Dorn and Michael Drucker. - Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz. - 25 cm. - (Beitrage zum Buch und Bibliothekswesen;...)

[Main volume]. - 1986. - XIX, 414 p. - (...; 23). ISBN 3-447-02614-6 : DM 128.00

Suppl. volume. - 1993. - X, 137 p. - (...; 33). ISBN 3-447-03264-2 : DM 98.00

These two volumes list 4088 titles (as of summer 1992); 60% are secondary literature. The Goethe Bibliothek assembled by the late Wiesbaden publisher Richard W. Dorn contains many rare first and bibliophile editions; other strengths are the publishing history and influence of Goethe. The catalog includes indexes of authors, publishers and bibliophile societies. Being based on a private collection, it is not a complete scholarly bibliography. Important are the annotations and citations attached to the bibliophile edition entries. The catalog is a rich new source to Goethe's publishing history and bibliophile editions. The collection will be housed at the Goethe Museum in Rome. [ss/hsb]


Der deutsche Shakespeare = The German Shakespeare : eine annotierte Bibliographie zur Shakespeare-Rezeption des deutschsprachigen Kulturraums (Literatur, Theater, Film, Funk, Fernsehen, Musik und bildende Kunst) [An Annotated Bibliography of Shakespeare-Reception in German Culture...] / by Hansjürgen Blinn. - Berlin : Erich Schmidt, 1993. - 432 p. ; 23 cm. - ISBN 3-503-03048-4 : DM 248.00

This very well organized annotated bibliography complements the work Shakespeare-Rezeption a two-volume anthology compiled by Blinn, 1982-1988. It is a masterful achievement which provides bibliographic references to Shakespeare criticism and reception in Germany from the beginnings of German Shakespeare scholarship in the 17th century to the present time. For the 17th and 18th centuries alone, 150 references are included. [hak/tk]


Metzler-Literatur-Chronik : Werke deutschsprachiger Autoren [Metzler Chronological Literary Dictionary : Works of German-language Authors] / Volker Meid. - Stuttgart [etc.] : Metzler, 1993. - 724 p. ; 25 cm. - ISBN 3-476-00941-6 : DM 58.00

Here an accomplished literary historian presents an annotated listing of around 1,500 works of German literature from the 8th century to 1980. The lengthy annotations accompanying the citations in themselves clearly stem from the author's own reading of the sources, and do not just rehash facts from the secondary literature. This is, in short, a literary history in the form of descriptions of works which are arranged by their respective dates of publication. This is not just a reference source, but rather a work which offers insightful commentaries which lure the reader to readings of the original works themselves. [hak/tk]

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