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Survey Review of Image Archives on Microfiche

Given that the large microfiche image archives are comprised of heterogeneous collections rather than of material that is thematically or geographically homogeneous, it is very important when evaluating them to consider their scope and to know what the gaps are. All the collections listed below are on black-and-white silver halide microfiche. Electronically stored images are not considered here. Most of the institutions holding these image collections provide high quality reproductions upon request, with order instructions provided in the accompanying documentation.


Marburger Index : Inventar der Kunst in Deutschland [Inventory of Art in Germany] / Bildarchiv Foto Marburg, Deutsches Dokumentationszentrum für Kunstgeschichte, Philipps-Universität Marburg. München [etc.] : Saur, 1976-. Pt. 1- . - ISBN 3-598-30700-4: DM 36,000 (silver fiches, Pts. 1-54 incl. printed suppl. material)


Marburger Index. Gebrauchsanleitung : Inventar der Kunst in Deutschland [User's guide] / ed. by Bildarchiv Foto Marburg. - 2nd ed. - München : Saur, 1985. - 132 p. ; 21 cm. - ISBN 3-598-30722-5 : DM 20.00, free of charge for subscribers to the index.

Based on two very large German collections of images (with supplemental additions, the latest on the former DDR), the Marburger Index includes 920,000 reproductions of approx. 500,000 works of art and architecture. Since some of the images date from the 19th century, and the index provides reproductions from different periods for the same work, this collection is also a source for research on the changing state of a work of art over time. It also documents art since destroyed, damaged or lost. The descriptions of the works are generally readable and informative, which is not always true of microfiche collections of this kind. Organization is topographic. The indexing is excellent and makes collections accessible to iconographic research with both a subject and a classified index (Iconclass), as well as artist and patron indexes. The printed user's aid is not helpful. [ak/sl]


Index photographique de l'art en France / ed. by Bildarchiv Foto Marburg im Forschungsinstitut für Kunstgeschichte der Philipps-Universität Marburg. - München [etc.]: Saur, [1979-1981]. - Pts. 1-4 = Microfiche 0-976. - ISBN 3-598-30160-X : DM 6,980.00 (silver)

This collection does for art in France what the Marburger Index, above, does for art in Germany. Among its 100,000 images are many older reproductions, especially of architecture and architectural sculpture. The photos of Rheims Cathedral from the turn of the century are a unique source, for example. Organization is topographic. Unfortunately, there is no index. [ak/sl]


Italien-Index [Italy Index] : Bilddokumentation zur Kunst in Italien / Bildarchiv Foto Marburg. - München [etc.]: Saur, [1991-1992]. - Pts. 1-4 = Microfiche 1-620. - ISBN 3-598-33130-4 : DM 9,800.00 (silver)

This collection of 60,000 reproductions of art in Italy is also taken from the Marburg holdings. As with the other Marburg indexes, the photos span the entire century, allowing comparisons of the same object over time. No index. [ak/sl]


Index der antiken Kunst und Architektur : Denkmäler des griechisch-römischen Altertums in der Photosammlung des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts Rom = Index of Ancient Art and Architecture / Ed.: Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Abteilung Rom. - München: Saur, [1988-1991]. - Pts. 1-10 = Microfiche 1-2343 & suppl. brochures. - ISBN 3-598-32070-1 : DM 15,000 (silver fiches)


Index der antiken Kunst und Architektur. Begleitband, Register und Kommentar : Denkmäler des griechischen-römischen Altertums in der Photosammlung des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts Rom = Index of Ancient Art and Architecture [Suppl. volume, Index and Commentary] / Ed.: Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Abteilung Rom under the dir. of Bernard Andreae. - München : Saur, 1991. - 420 p. ; 22 cm. - ISBN 3-598-32083-3 : DM 38.00, free of charge to subscribers.

Includes 250,000 images from the photo collection (begun in 1829) of the German Archaeological Institute in Rome, covering classical art and archaeology. The organization of the material follows the classification system of the Institute. [ak/sl]


Alinari Photo Archive : being the Alinari, Anderson, and Brogi Photo Collections of Italian and Other Art and Architecture Reproduced on Microfiches; from the Archivi Alinari, Florence / ed. by and under the supervision of L. D. Couprie. - Zug : Inter Documentation Co. ; Firenze : Archivi Alinari, 1982. - Vol. 1-7 [Microfiches in protective binders] + Guide [81 p.]. - Hfl. 16,750.00 (silver fiches). - (Inter Documentation Company BV, POB 11205, 2301 EE Leiden, Netherlands)

Includes 120,000 reproductions from the collection of the Alinari brothers (augmented by the addition of 2 other collections named in the title), Florentine photographers from the second half of the 19th century. The emphasis is on Italian art. Organization is by location. The indexing offers subject access to the contents, unlike the Italien-Index. [ak/sl]


The Conway Library, the Courtauld Institute of Art : publ. on black and white microfiche. - Haslemere : Emmett Publishing. [Basic set]. - 1987. - [Pt.] 1 - 6. - 6979 microfiches + 6 printed contents lists. - ISBN 1-869934-00-8 : Pounds 14,998.00. 5 year update 1987/92. - 1994. - approx. 1250 microfiches. - ISBN 1-869934-52-0 : Pounds 5000.00

Microfiche reproductions of a collection of 800,000 images at London's Courtauld Institute. Strong emphasis on architecture. Other media (sculpture, book illustrations, etc.) are included, but painting is not. The value of this collection lies in 1) its size 2) its breadth of geographical coverage 3) its strength in British material. But there are serious problems: poor attention to detail (e.g., the extent and accuracy of descriptive information), problematic classification of the images, no indexes. A supplement of 120,000 photos increased the size of the collection, but unfortunately access to its contents has not yet been improved. [ak/sl]


The Witt Library in the Courtauld Institute of Art. - Haslemere : Emmett Publishing [Basic set.] - 1990. - [Pt.] 1-4. - 14,854 microfiches. - ISBN 1-869934-28-8 : Pounds 25,000.00 10 year update 1981/91. - 1992. 5,719 microfiches + printed microfiche contents list [56 p.]. - ISBN 1-869934-29-6 : Pounds 13,860.00

This collection of images from the Courtauld Institute (basic set and supplement) contains over 2 million reproductions of paintings, drawings and other works of graphic art from the high middle ages to the twentieth century. The primary classification is by country, divided into four large regions, which can also be purchased separately. It is strongly eurocentric. Access can be difficult in the absence of cross-references to variant forms of the artists' names and indexes. Information about the images is superior than that given for the Conway Library collection, though it is still of uneven quality. Sometimes it is simply not legible. Given the limitations of black-and-white reproductions in the study of art (as opposed to architecture), and the absence of indexing to this collection, its greatest value would have to lie in its use as an index to images found in other, unindexed sources (e.g., periodicals). Unlike the Marburg and Alinari collections, one cannot generally order copies of the Witt Library images. (However, owners of the Marburg Index can use its indexes to access material in the Witt Library collection.) [ak/sl]


Berlin-Brandenburg / selection and commentary by Joachim Fait and Reinhardt Hootz. Photographs by Klaus G. and Constantin Beyer. - 4th., rev. ed. - Leipzig : Edition Leipzig, 1992. - 475 p. : numerous ill ; 20 cm. - (Deutsche Kunstdenkmäler, ein Bildhandbuch). - ISBN 3-361- 00376-8 : DM 48.00


Sachsen / selection and commentary by Albrecht Dohmann. - 3rd, rev. ed. - Leipzig : Edition Leipzig, 1993. - 468 p. : numerous ill. ; 20 cm. (Deutsche Kunstdenkmäler, ein Bildhandbuch). - ISBN 3-361- 00391-1 : DM 48.00


Sachsen-Anhalt / selection and commentary by Hans-Joachim Krause. - 2nd, rev. ed. - Leipzig : Edition Leipzig, 1993. - 510 p. : numerous ill. ; 20 cm. - (Deutsche Kunstdenkmäler, ein Bildhandbuch). - ISBN 3-361- 00374-1 : DM 48.00


Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / selection and commentary by Gerd Baier. Photographs by Klaus G. Beyer. - 2nd, improved ed. - Leipzig : Edition Leipzig, 1992. 477 p. : numerous ill.; 20 cm. - (Deutsche Kunstdenkmäler, ein Bildhandbuch). - ISBN 3-361-00352-0 : DM 48.00

Begun in 1958, the unnumbered multi-volume set Deutsche Kunstdenkmäler -- primarily covering German architecture and their furnishings (e.g., altars) -- has been so successful that it has inspired similar series for other countries, including France, Greece, and Italy. These revised volumes cover the five states of the former GDR, published in earlier editions as Kunstdenkmäler der DDR by Edition Leipzig, the Deutscher Kunstverlag and the Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft. In addition to a small amount of text and indexes, each volume includes approximately 350 whole-page black-white photos. The accompanying maps are not especially helpful. It is not yet clear to what extent these new editions differ from their predecessors. Many of the photographs seem to be new, reflecting recent restoration and rebuilding. The maps have were redrawn in the aftermath of unification. In addition to their usefulness to tourists, these volumes should be helpful to readers of the unillustrated Handbuch der deutschen Kunstdenkmäler and the inadequately illustrated Reclams Kunstführer Deutschland. [sh/sl]


Estland, Lettland, Litauen [Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania] / Introductions, commentary and selection of photos by Kaur Alttoa, Jurijs Vsiljevs and Jonas Minkevicius. Historical prologue by Hans-Joachim Kuhles. [Trans. from the Russian: Sergej Gladkich. German version: Serafim Polenz]. Rev. German ed. - Leipzig : Edition Leipzig, 1993. - 431 p. : numerous ill. ; 20 cm. - (Kunstdenkmäler baltische Staaten, ein Bildhandbuch). ISBN 3-361- 00384-9 : DM 48.00

Follows the principles of the Deutsche Kunstdenkmäler (94-1-070- 073, above). Includes 264 photographs and a useful table that lists Baltic place names with their German-language equivalents. [sh/sl]


International Directory of Arts = Internationales Kunst-Adressbuch = Annuaire international des beaux-arts. - München [etc.]: Saur. - 25 cm. - Formerly published by Art-Address-Verlag Müller, Frankfurt/Main.

21st ed. - 1993/94 (1993). - ISBN 3-598-23070-2 : DM 348.

Published under this title since 1952, this is the leading international directory for the art market and thus a logical addition to K.G. Saur's directory program. The traditional layout and organization have been retained for the most part, including full-page ads scattered throughout the text; in future editions, Saur would improve clarity by introducing the layout principles used in its other directories. To save space, references in vol. 1 to libraries and other institutions that only occasionally organize art exhibitions should be eliminated or abbreviated. [sh/vh]


International Guide of Art Experts, Specialists and Catalogues Raisonnés = Internationaler Führer der Kunstexperten, Spezialisten und Werksverzeichnisse = Guide international des experts, spécialistes et catalogues raisonnés / D. M. Klinger ; Antje Hottler. - Nürnberg : DMK. - 24 cm. - (DMK-Verlag, Hütergasse 4, 90403 Nürnberg)

Ed. 1 (1993), v. 1-2. - ISBN 3-923642-73-3 (v. 1) - ISBN 3-923642-76-8 (v. 2) : DM 460

This three-part directory purports to cover addresses of art dealers and galleries (Part 1), art experts organized by artist, genre and school (Part 2), and catalogues raisonnes (Part 3). The organization is poor, there appear to be serious omissions, and many addresses given here are included, with more complete information, in the "International Directory of Arts." Libraries and art aficionados are strongly advised to avoid buying this shoddily produced work. [sh/vh]


Kunstadressbuch : Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz = Art directory: [Germany, Austria, Switzerland]. München : Saur. - 24 cm. - Until 1992/93 (1991) published by Art-Address-Verlag, Frankfurt

9th ed. 1994/95 (1994). - 673 p. - ISBN 3-598-23071-0 : DM 98


Kunsthandel in Deutschland [German Art Dealers]/ Bundesverband des Deutschen Kunst- und Antiquitätenhandels e.V. - München : Weltkunst-Verlag. - 21 cm. - (Bundesverband, Postfach 420442, 50898 Köln)

1st ed. (1993). - 171 p. - DM 5


Just for Art : Galerien in Deutschland / ed. by Gerald Just. - Hannover: Just. - 21 cm. - (Verlag Dr. Gerald Just, Postfach 890109, 30514 Hannover)

1993 (1992).- 291 p. - ISBN 3-929074-01-X : DM 39.80

The Kunstadreßbuch contains addresses for Germany, Austria and Switzerland excerpted from the International Directory of Art reviewed above (IFB 94-1-075) and organized by country and city. The data have been updated since the 21st edition of the IDA and include the new German zip codes. Useful and reasonably priced.

Kunsthandel lists the approximately 560 members of the BDKA, the association of German art and antique dealers. Part 1 lists the members by firm in alphabetical order; Part 2 lists the firms by location; Part 3 lists the firms by subject specialty. A useful catalog.

Just for Art provides a list by location of 450 German art galleries which specialize in art since 1945. Address, owner, year of founding, open hours and a brief description of the galleries are included. [sh/vh]


International Dictionary Miniature Painters, Porcelain Painters, Silhouettists = Internationales Lexikon Miniatur- Maler, Porzellan-Maler, Silhouettisten = Dictionnaire international peintres miniaturistes, peintres sur porcelaine, silhouettistes / Harry Blattel. - München : Arts & Antiques Edition Munich, 1992. - 1422 p. : ill. ; 31 cm. - ISBN 3-928263-11-0 : DM 348.00 - (Arts ..., Postfach 400128, 80701 München)

This is an alphabetical listing of approximately 37,000 miniature painters from 50 countries, covering a time span from the mid-15th century to the present. The structure, with its heavily abbreviated listings, is modelled on the Internationales Handbuch aller Maler und Bildhauer des 19. Jahrhunderts (the "Busse-Verzeichnis"). Data are gleaned from 37 general art encyclopedias and 1147 special reference works. Particularly useful are the detailed three-language (English, French, German) instructions for use. This highly specialized, very thorough reference work will find a place in very large academic libraries, special institute libraries, and antique dealers' collections. [sh/hh]


Who's Who in Contemporary Glass Art : A Comprehensive World Guide to Glass Artists, Craftsmen, Designers. München : Waldrich. - 25 cm. - (Joachim-Waldrich-Verlag, Belgradstr. 9, 80796 München) - 1st ed. - 1993/94 (1993). - XII, 650 p.

This listing of over 1500 living glass artists from around the world (most thorough coverage is of Germany and the United States) goes beyond the usual biographical data listed in a Who's Who. Information on exhibits and on museums holding works by the artist as well as lengthy bibliographies citing articles in monographs, journals and exhibit catalogs make this accessible reference work particularly useful for galleries, museums, auction houses, and libraries. The directory is being updated electronically and the next edition is expected in two years. [sh/hh]

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