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Ausstellungskataloge als kunsthistorische Publikationsform (1945-1990) [Exhibit Catalogs as an Art-historical Publication Form] : Gestalt, Bedeutung und bibliothekswissenschaftliche Bewertung ; Hausarbeit zur Prüfung für den höheren Bibliotheksdienst / by Andrea Kullik. - Köln : Fachhochschule für Bibliotheks- und Dokumentationswesen, 1993. - 81, X p. ; 30 cm. - (Fachhochschule..., Bibliothek, Claudiusstr. 1, 50678 Köln, Germany)


Belser Kunst-Katalog [Belser Art Catalogue]. - Stuttgart : Belser. - 21 cm.

1. 1993/94 (1993). - 127 p. - DM 12.00

These two publications testify to the significance of exhibits and exhibit catalogues, and to the need for information about them. The first is a library school thesis that focuses on the history, changing role and growing importance of exhibit catalogues in art history as a discipline. The need for quick and comprehensive lists led to the publication of Worldwide Bibliography of Art Exhibition Catalogues. Other information sources include specialized bookseller lists, citations in specialized journals and bibliographies. The latter usually appear too late to be of use to library selectors. An important source of information Kullik does not mention are reviews of exhibits in daily papers. The Delser Kunst-Katalog is a new annual index to exhibits and supplements Belser Kunstquartal, a journal listing mostly German art exhibits. The annual, like the quarterly, is organized by place, then institutions (art societies, galleries and museums with addresses), and an index of artists. Even though it lists titles, authors/editors as well as size and price of the exhibition catalogs, publishers are missing, and the list, especially in its coverage of publicly-supported institutions, is by no means comprehensive. It cannot be used as a bibliography, but is useful as a quick, inexpensive list of publications accompanying exhibits. A more international (less German) focus would be desirable. [ak/hsb]

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