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Reclams Führer zu den Denkmälern der Industrie und Technik in Deutschland [Reclam's Guide to the Monuments of Industry and Technology in Germany] / by Volker Rödel. - Stuttgart : Reclam. - 22 cm

Vol. 1. Alte Länder. - With 93 photos, as well as sketches and plans. - 1992. - 381 p. - ISBN 3-15-010376-2 : DM 89.00

This first volume of Rodel's guide to the industrial and technological monuments of Germany covers the former West Germany; a second volume, dealing with the former East Germany and Berlin, is in preparation. The publication is intended as an introduction for the general reader, and also to provide a quick checklist to industrial monuments. The initial data was compiled from German construction journals of 1841-1930 (hence a clear emphasis on post-Industrial revolution constructions), and the buildings visited between 1988 and 1990. The author stresses that his decision on what to include was entirely subjective.

A general introductory chapter is followed by the listing of objects, arranged alphabetically by place. Maps and an additional name and place index facilitate use of the guide. There is no general bibliography, but specific brief bibliographical references appear at the end of individual place entries. Individual entries are accompanied by brief details on geographical location, objects which the author thinks particularly important are marked with a dot, and there are some illustrations. The descriptions vary considerably in the level of detail, and there is a tendency to give particular emphasis to "obvious" structures such as bridges, water-towers and railway stations. Thus whilst the guide fulfills its aims as an introduction for the general reader, it is less satisfactory as a general inventory. However, while similar publications concentrate on one specific type of structure or on one area, and while large publishing undertakings on German monuments do not consider technological and industrial buildings, this Reclam guide fills a gap and offers a useful general point of access. [ak/dkl]

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