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Meissener Porzellan : Bibliographie der deutschsprachigen Literatur / by Hans Sonntag. - Leipzig : Edition Leipzig, 1994. - 227 p. : ill. ; 25 cm. - ISBN 3-361-00429-2 : DM 248.00

A bibliography listing over 1,000 German language monographs and articles relating to Meissen porcelain from its origins to the present day. Comprehensiveness is not intended, but there is no statement on selection criteria. The bibliographical descriptions lack any reference to pagination or illustrations, an unpardonable omission. Nor are the entries annotated. A first sequence arranges the entries alphabetically by author or title, a second repeats the entries but arranges them under keywords. The alphabetical subject index merely reiterates these same keywords, which often leave the material grouped in unsatisfactorily broad categories. There is no index of collectors or museums. The bibliography could have been halved in size, without any detriment to its use, by replacing one of the two sections with a good index. This might have reduced the cost, which, given the work's flaws, is excessively high. [sh/dkl]

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