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Geschichte des deutschen Films [History of German Film] / edited by Wolfgang Jacobsen, Anton Kaes and Hans Helmut Prinzler in cooperation with the Stiftung Deutsche Kinemathek Berlin. - Stuttgart [etc.] : Metzler, 1993. - 596 p. ; 25 cm. - ISBN 3-476-00883-5 : DM 58.00

Seventeen authors have contributed to producing this informative, readable history of German film. There are no recent overviews of this kind in German, and in English and French only two small volumes are available (The German Cinema, by Roger Manvell and Heinrich, 1971, and Histoire du cinema allemand by Roland Schneider). The focus is on film as art, with less attention paid to productions for mass consumption. About a quarter of the volume is comprised of pictorial material. A "chronicle" covers events, persons and films from November 1, 1895 through January 1, 1993. The bibliography contains about 700 systematically arranged references to additional literature. An index lists persons and films that are mentioned in either the text or picture captions. [ei/nb]

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