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Bibliografia degli scritti di Giuseppe Pitrč [Bibliography of the Writings of Giuseppe Pitrč] : (con una aggiunta bibliografica di scritti su Pitrč) / ed. by Giuseppe D'Anna. - Roma : Bulzoni, 1993. - XII, 362 p. ; 24 cm. - (Edizione nazionale delle opere di Giuseppe Pitrč ; 60). - ISBN 88-7119-414-4 : Lit. 60,000

This is a personal bibliography of Giuseppe Pitrč (1841-1916), the foremost Italian folklorist of the 19th century, best known, at least to librarians, for his Bibliografia delle tradizioni popolari d'Italia (1894, repr. 1965 and 1976). 1,875 entries are divided into 1) monographs and articles, 2) introductions and forewords, 3) book reviews, 4) correspondence and 5) writings about Pitrč and reviews of his works. The titles in chapters 1, 2, and 5 are annotated. Included are indexes of names and subjects as well as a chronological listing of Pitrč's works. The bibliography bears the volume number 60 of a new edition of Pitrč's works, Edizione nazionale della opere di Giuseppe Pitrč, though it is the first of the 60 to be published. [sh/hh]

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