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Knaurs Atlas der Welt [Knaurs World Atlas]. - Fully updated new ed. - München : Droemer-Knaur, 1994. - 320 p. ; 38 cm. - ISBN 3-426-26260-6 : DM 148.00

Knaurs Atlas der Welt was first published in Germany in 1987, and this second edition has been completely revised to include the sweeping political changes of the 1990's. The cartographic material was not produced by Knaur itself, but rather it comes from the highly-regarded Istituto Geografico de Agostini in Novara, Italy. While an English edition of this same atlas has appeared under the title The Great Geographical Atlas, to satisfy the needs of its primarily German market 15 pages of special maps were included of the various states in the German-speaking countries. All of the maps are of notable quality, and the reference apparatus (including a full index of 85,000 names) is excellent. Thematic maps are not included, which is not unusual for atlases in this price range. A comparable atlas, similarly priced, is the Internationaler Atlas, published by Westermann/Rand McNally. [wc/rob]


Meyers grosser Weltatlas [Meyers Great World Atlas] / Ed. by the Geographisch-Kartographisches Institut Meyer [under the direction of] Adolf Hänle. - 5th rev. and enl. ed. - Mannheim : Meyers Lexikonverlag, 1993. - 538 p. ; 38 cm. -ISBN 3-411-08825-7 : DM 248.00


Brockhaus-Enzyklopädie : in 24 vol. - 19th fully revised ed. - Mannheim : Brockhaus. - 38 cm

Weltatlas / Ed. by the Geographisch-Kartographisches Institut Meyer under the direction of Adolf Hänle. - 2nd, newly rev. ed. - 1993. - 538 p. - ISBN 3-7653-1132-4 : DM 298.00

These two atlases are reviewed together because, with the exception of the binding and other minor details, they are identical (the publisher, the Bibliographisches Institut in Mannheim, now owns both Meyer and the Brockhaus family of publishing products). The Meyer atlas is a completely new revision of the 4th edition, and the new size and format explain why the latest edition actually has fewer pages than the previous edition, which does have more material than its predecessor. While new maps have been added and introductory texts included with the larger scale maps (and which supplement the thematic maps), the cartography itself has not changed. In fact, the maps are identical with those found in the Meyers Neuer Weltatlas. The latest international political changes have been incorporated, for example the area of the former Soviet Union is now identified simply as "Nordasien" (North Asia). The Weltatlas of the Brockhaus Verlag represents a full revision of the first edition, which appeared as the atlas volume of the 19th edition of its Enzyklopädie. While the first edition used the map material of the 4th edition of the Meyers Grosser Weltatlas, this new edition uses the material of the 5th edition of the Meyer atlas. Important in deciding which of these atlases to purchase is the price: the Brockhaus atlas is 50 DM more than the Meyer product. This can in part be explained by the special Brockhaus binding, which complements the encyclopedia, but 50 DM does appear a hefty mark-up for this. Unless one wishes to maintain consistency of the binding style with the Brockhaus Enzyklopädie, one can save approximately $35 by deciding on the Knaur atlas. [wc/rob]

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