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Staatslexikon : Recht, Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft [Dictionary of States: Law, Economy, Society] ; in 7 vols. / edited by the Goerres-Gesellschaft. - 7th, completely revised ed. - Freiburg [etc.] : Herder. - 27 cm.

Vol. 6: Die Staaten der Welt, 1, Globale Perspektiven; Europa; Amerika. - [The States of the World: Global Perspectives; Europe; America] 1992. - XVI, 500 p. - ISBN 3-451-19306-X : DM 248.00 (available only as a set with vol. 7)

Vol. 7: Die Staaten der Welt, 2, Afrika; Asien; Australien; Ozeanien; Antarktis. [The States of the World: Africa, Asia, Australia, Oceania, Antarctica] - 1993. - XI p., p. 502-904. - ISBN 3-451-19307-8 : DM 248.00 (available only as a set with vol. 6)

These two volumes complete the seventh edition of the Staatslexikon, which differs from earlier editions in separating the articles on individual countries from the main alphabetical sequence. Since these volumes reflect the state of things at the end of 1991, the articles, particularly those on Germany, often update those in the earlier volumes, though the editors chose not to redo the articles on the individual German states. The signed articles are very readable and follow a standard pattern, so that it is easy to go to a particular type of information. Bibliographies and a good index complete a work that is of value by itself or as a component of the larger set. [wc and sh/jmc]

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