DA-94-3/4 - History and Area Studies (General)


Vademekum der Geschichtswissenschaften : Verbände, Organisationen, Gesellschaften, Vereine, Institute, Seminare, Lehrstühle, Bibliotheken, Archive, Museen, Dienststellen und Ämter sowie Historiker in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz [Companion to the Historical Sciences: Associations, Organizations, Societies, University Departments, Libraries, Archives, Museums, Offices and Historians in Germany, Austria and Switzerland] / Publ. for the Verband der Historiker Deutschlands... - Stuttgart: Steiner.

1. 1994/95 (1994). - 510 p. - ISBN 3-515-06506-7 : DM 58.00

A comprehensive address book in two parts: institutions (e.g., university departments, publishers and periodicals) and persons (3,300 historians). There is an index by place at the end of Part 1, but no index by institution. More details and consistency of scope and format in the 24 institutional self-portraits in Part 1 are essential to improve this work, planned to appear every two years. A parallel publication to the same publisher's Geographisches Taschenbuch. [sh/rp]


Wie finde ich Literatur zur Geschichte [How to Find Literature on History] / Reinhard Feldmann, Klaus Schultze. - 2nd, revised ed. - Berlin : Berlin Verlag Spitz, 1994. - XIV, 456 p. - (Orientierungshilfen, 8). - ISBN 3-87061-397-1 : DM 68.00

Enlarged by 100 pages and 730 references (now totaling 1,900) over the first edition. Retains largely the same format, with a new chapter on databases (but still not enough information, e.g., on CD-ROM databases in the social and political sciences). Covers research growth areas, e.g., women's studies. Selection of sources in core areas is adequate, but in fringe areas seems arbitrary. The handling of terminology can be misleading. In general some improvement over the first edition, but problems remain. There is a combined keyword, title, author and editor index. Though Baumgart's Bücherverzeichnis zur deutschen Geschichte, 7th ed. (1988) is more important, this book can still be recommended for reference use. [sh/rp]


Der Fischer-Weltalmanach [The Fischer World Almanac] / Ed. by Mario von Baratta. - Frankfurt : Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag. 1995 ed. (1994). - 1216 columns. - ISBN 3-596-19099-9 : DM 19.90

This standard reference work has appeared since 1960. There is more colour and the structure has improved since the last edition. The countries chapter covers 193 countries, with statistical information on state structure, politics, economics and a chronology. Other chapters cover biography, international organizations, the European Union (new), economics, population, religion, languages, prizes, historical anniversaries, a necrologue and index. One drawback is that the biographies of foreign politicians are still in the biography chapter, not integrated into the relevant country information. [sh/rp]


Harenberg-Länderlexikon [Harenberg Dictionary of Countries] / [Ed.: Bodo Harenberg.] - Dortmund : Harenberg-Lexikon-Verlag. - 20 cm.

1994/95 (1994). - 509 p. - ISBN 3-611-00337-9 : DM 29.80

The Harenberg Länder Lexikon, which now appears annually on April 1st, is a compendium for the domestic and foreign policy, as well as the economic and social development of all the world's independent countries. The texts are arranged alphabetically, introduced by large-print headlines. Comparative tables offer direct comparisons for each country with respect to political, demographic, social, and economic factors. A pilot map documents and enlarges the location for each country. Countless maps, tables, portraits, and mini-biographies of the political leadership complement the personal and subject indexes. [wc/ljr]


Aux sources de l'antiquité gréco-romaine : guide bibliographique [Bibliographical Guide to Greco-Roman Antiquity] / J. Poucet and J.-M. Hannick. - 3d revised and augmented ed. - Louvain-la-Neuve : Artel, 1993. - 291 p. ; 24 cm. - ISBN 2-87374-019-1 : FB 590.00 - Previously published under title: Introduction aux etudes classiques. - (Artel-Distribution, c/o Erasme, pl. Baudouin Ier 2, 5004 Namur, Belgium)

This third edition of a bibliographical guide to sources for Greco-Roman antiquities expands upon the first two editions of 1988 and 1989. It is divided into three major sections: (1) Sources, that is, published sources for literary works, inscriptions, coins, papyri, and archaeological monuments; (2) reference works, organized by formal categories, including linguistic dictionaries, bibliographies, and handbooks; and (3) bibliographies, ca. 1,000 titles from the last 30 years, without annotations, arranged by sub-disciplines, such as literature, general history, religion, natural science, and technology. However, the arbitrary nature of the divisions leads to a lack of clarity when compared with the first two editions. Annotations embedded into the text give to student readers invaluable information. Part three, entirely new to this edition, is less successful, as its four indexes fail entirely to list subject titles. The German and American equivalents -- Gullath's guide and the annotated bibliography entitled Classical Scholarship--come up short in comparison with their Belgian competitor. [bb/ljr]

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