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Institutionen der Afrika-Forschung und Afrika-Information in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und Berlin (West) : Forschungsinstitute, Bibliotheken, Dokumentationsstellen, Archive [Research Institutions on Africa in the Federal Republic of Germany and West Berlin: Research Institutes, Libraries, Documentation Centers, Archives] / Marion Gebhardt. - Hamburg : Deutsches Übersee-Institut, 1990. - XI, 285 p. ; 21 cm. (Dokumentationsdienst Afrika : Reihe B; 5). - ISBN 3-922852-28-9 : DM 35.00. - (Deutsches Übersee-Institut, Übersee-Dokumentation, Referat Afrika, Neuer Jungfernstieg 21, D-20354 Hamburg)

This new directory was compiled in 1989 and replaces two earlier works from the 1970s, one on institutions, the other on collections of literature. It provides detailed information, obtained through a questionnaire and by site visits, on 210 institutions, though unfortunately the format does not always allow the reader a good overview of the data. Indexes provide access to areas of specialization. A new edition is in preparation that will take into account facilities in the new German states. [sh/jmc]

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