Selection and Evaluation of Electronic Resources / Gail K. Dickinson. - Englewood, Colo. : Libraries Unlimited, 1994. - XI, 103 p. ; 24 cm. - ISBN 1-56308-098-2 : $ 21.00, 22.50 (Eurospan). - (Eurospan, 3 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London WCE 8LU, United Kingdom)

This slim volume sets out to equip the novice with the basic tools necessary for selecting and offering electronic information sources in library settings. The book does not include technical or technological details. Although this type of book is much needed by librarians, this particular title does not meet the standards one would expect of such a work. The treatment of the topic is superficial and unsystematic, much of the information given is outdated, and statements are often imprecise. [bh/ba]


CompuServe-Adreßbuch [CompuServe Address Book] : 3333 coole Online-Adressen / Peter Klau. - Bonn: IWT, International Thomson Publishing. - 20 cm 1995. - 416 p. - ISBN 3-8266-2659-1 : DM 34.80

CompuServe is one of the major online services in the world. The author, who previously published a comparable directory, Internet Adressbuch (IFBA95-2-166), lists here 3,333 CompuServe addresses arranged alphabetically under 88 key words. Annotations are brief and informative. This directory is more useful in public than in academic or research libraries. [cd/ba]


Directory of Directories on the Internet: a Guide to Information Sources / Gregory B. Newby. - 2nd printing. - Westport ; London : Mecklermedia, 1994. - XVII, 153 p. ; 28 cm. - ISBN 0-88736-768-2 : $ 29.50

This is a directory of Internet related directories and primary Internet sources. It covers tools for Internet information retrieval, guides on how to use the Internet, lists which provide OPAC access, directories of e-mail, mailing, and newsgroup lists, ftp directories, and more. The World Wide Web, the fastest growing Internet service, is discussed only briefly. Research for this volume was completed at the beginning of 1993; the book came out in print a year later. Taking into consideration that the Internet is changing at a rapid rate, one wonders how useful a printed directory of this type could possibly be. Instantaneous publication on the Internet might be a better alternative. [cd/ba]


Media-News : Magazin für neue Medien im Buchhandel ; CDs, Bücher, Disketten, Software, Spiele bei Ihrem Buchhändler / Ed.: K. F. Koehler Verlag GmbH, Stuttgart, Werbeabteilung. - Stuttgart : Koehler. - 30 cm.


Media-News : Sortimenter-Info / KNO-K&V-GW. Ed.: Koehler Verlag GmbH, Stuttgart, Werbeabteilung. - Stuttgart : Koehler. - 30 cm.


CDs und Disketten und Bücher mit CDs und Disketten [CDs, Diskettes, and Books With CDs and Diskettes] : (ohne Audio-CDs) / Ed.: K. F. Koehler Verlag GmbH, Stuttgart, Werbeabteilung. - Stuttgart : Koehler. - 21 cm. - 4 (1995) - 672 p.

The first title, a quarterly magazine for the book trade, discusses in detail in each issue approximately 100 new media and electronic titles considered to have the potential of selling well in book stores. The second title, published monthly, features brief listings of new media and electronic products, arranged under 25 subject headings. The third title, a directory published twice a year, is a special catalog of currently available CDs, discs, and books with CDs or discs. Of the Media-News titles, only the first one is of interest to libraries. [sh/ba]

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