Auswahlliste Informationsbestände in öffentlichen Bibliotheken. Diskettenausg., FREITEXT-Version : AIB [Selected List of Information Resources in Public Libraries, Diskette ed., FREITEXT version] / Ed.: Gerhard Thorn. - Berlin : Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut. - Based on: Auswahlliste zum Auf- und Ausbau von Informationsbeständen in öffentlichen Bibliotheken. - Printed updates titled: Auswahlliste Informationsbestände ÖB

1995. - 1 Diskette + User guide. - ISBN 3-87068-476-3 : DM 20.00

This diskette is an update of the print title Auswahlliste zum Auf- und Ausbau von Informationsbeständen in öffentlichen Bibliotheken (Selected List for Collection Building of Information Resources in Public Libraries) which came out in 1993. It uses the retrieval software FREITEXT, which is also used for the CD-ROM edition put out by the Zeitschriftendienst. Installation of the diskette is easy. The software allows for searching by title or by broad subject, but not by author. Boolean searching and truncation is also possible. In either publication format, print or electronic, the Auswahlliste is respected as an indispensable tool for collection building in German public libraries. [sn/ba]


Auswahlliste Informationsbestände ÖB. Aktualisierungen : AIB [Selected List of Information Resources in Public Libraries: Updates] / Compiler: Heike Cordes ... - [Berlin] : [Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut]. - 21 cm. - ([Bibliotheks-Info] ; ..., [Suppl.]). - Based on: Auswahlliste zum Auf- und Ausbau von Informationsbeständen in öffentlichen Bibliotheken. - Diskette ed.: Auswahlliste Informationsbestände in öffentlichen Bibliotheken

1995, June. - 28 p. - ([... ; 5 (1995), 9, Suppl.])

This is a printed update to the AIB and its print predecessor described above in 95-4-490. It came out as a supplement to the September issue of Bibliotheks-Info. The plan is to publish this supplement quarterly. It lists recently published information sources of interest to German public librarians. It covers few, if any, titles in languages other than German. Titles are arranged within subject groups and are not annotated. [sh/ba]


Gale Guide to Internet Databases / Ed. Joanna Zakalik. - Detroit, MI : Gale Research Co. - 28 cm. - ISSN 1081-2385. - (In UK: International Thomson Publ. Co., Cheriton House, North Way, Andover, Hampshire SP10 5YE)

1995. - xli, 478 p. - ISBN 0-7876-0198-5 : $95.00, £75.00

This new annual joins the well-known family of Gale guides to databases. In its alphabetical section, this guide describes some 2,000 databases available on the Internet (many of them with free access). Entries include information on: access addresses (telnet, gopher, URL), retrieval (ftp, if available), description of database content, language, geographic coverage, search routines and searchable elements, host and contact information. Indexes include: host/provider index, alternate format index (Internet databases available in other formats, such as CD-ROM or online), white pages index (names and e-mail addresses of contact persons), subject index, and master index (of databases and files within databases). In spite of its almost exclusive limitation to American databases and the fact that it threatens to go out of date quickly, this is a useful guide to quality Internet databases. [sh/ba]

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