Zeitschriften-Datenbank [Serials Databank] : (ZDB). CD-ROM edition / Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut ; Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Preussischer Kulturzbesitz. - Berlin : Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut. - ISSN 0945-4136

1994,2. - 1 CD-ROM + 1 installation disk (Version 2.0), user handbook (114 p.). - ISBN 3-87068-231-0 : DM 1060.00 (with 1994, 1), DM 662.00 (1st ed. [1994,1] only)

Published since 1979 on microfiche, the German union list of serials is now also available on CD-ROM. It includes over 740,000 titles (journals, newspapers, and other serials) published worldwide that are held by some 3,000 German libraries. The interface (at this point in German only) is powerful and reasonably friendly, if not entirely self-explanatory. The CD-ROM can be bought singly or by subscription (two issues/year). As of 1995 the value of this very important resource is further enhanced by the inclusion of the holdings of Bavarian libraries, most notably the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, although it is still not complete for East German holdings (brought into the ZDB only in 1991/92) and older West German holdings. [bh/sl]


Bibliografia de revistas bolivianas [Bibliography of Bolivian Journals] / Werner Guttentag Tichauer ; M. Rita Arze Ramirez. - Cochabamba ; La Paz : "Los Amigos del Libro". - 19 cm. - (Editorial "Los Amigos del Libro", Casilla 450, Cochabamba, Bolivia)

1962/91 (1992). - 105 p. - price not listed

This bibliography of Bolivian journals (1962/91) was published as a complement to the 30th anniversary edition of the Bio- bibliografia boliviana (see IFB 95-1-003), since the national bibliography does not include journal titles. The foreword admits that complete coverage for the thirty-year period could not be achieved in this listing of 449 titles, which includes data for each title such as place of publication, publisher, first year of publication, regularity, etc., as far as they were available. The indexes are by keywords, publishers and issuing corporate bodies, and places. [sh/hh]


Die Presse der sozialen Bewegungen 1918-1933 [The Press of the Social Movements, 1918-1933] : Linksparteien, Gewerkschaften, Arbeiterkulturbewegung, Anarchismus, Jugendbewegung, Friedensbewegung, Lebensreform, Expressionismus ; kommentiertes Bestandsverzeichnis deutschsprachiger Periodika im Institut zur Erforschung der Europäischen Arbeiterbewegung (Bochum), im Institut fur Zeitungsforschung der Stadt Dortmund und im Fritz- Hüser-Institut für Deutsche und Ausländische Arbeiterliteratur der Stadt Dortmund / Aiga Seywald. - 1st ed. - Essen : Klartext- Verlag, 1994. - 465 p. ; 21 cm. - (Schriften des Fritz-Hüsler- Instituts für Deutsche und Ausländische Arbeiterliteratur der Stadt Dortmund : Reihe 2, Forschungen zur Arbeiterliteratur ; 9) - ISBN 3-88474-169-1 : DM 98.00

The journal collections of the three institutes mentioned in the subtitle were the source for the 1,194 "leftist" journals published during the Weimar Republic that are listed and analyzed in this bibliography. The holdings of these three institutions are attached to each title. Some of the areas covered are leftist parties, labor unions, anarchism, youth movement, peace movement, and Expressionism, and it is this broad spectrum reaching beyond the purely political that makes this bibliography unique. A valuable contribution to the history of journalism is provided by the informative commentary under each title, the connections and parallels drawn between the publications, and the links to earlier and later manifestations of the journals outside of the 1918-1933 period. The titles are in a single alphabet and supplemented by a brief topical index, personal name index, corporate body index, and geographical index. [wub/hh]

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