Russische Presse [The Russian Press] : A-JA. Edited by Agentur Sojuspetschat. - Moscow : Agentur Sojuspetschat, 1995. - (Verlag Hoppenstadt, Havelstr. 9, 64295 Darmstadt). - XLIIII, 363 p. : DM 45.00

August 1, 1990 marked the end of censorship, and the ensuing blossoming of the world of publishing continues apace. This annotated list of publications contains 1853 newspaper and periodical titles available by subscription (out of 9800 officially-registered ones) and is divided into 17 broad categories. Information includes the title in German (then transliterated and in Cyrillic script), type of publication, contact information, founder, founding year, publisher, editor, language, thematic focus and target readership, geographic spread and number of copies published (the introduction warns that this information is all subject to change), advertising rates (given in US-dollars because of inflation), format, color, and printing production information. One third of the titles (530) are published by institutions, universities, or other official agencies; of these 270 by VINITI. Four indexes include 1) the German-language title in translation, 2) Russian titles, 3) publishers and editors, 4) appropriate issuing agencies and organizations, unfortunately only in their translated form. The introduction, by the general director of the ITAR-TASS news agency, expresses hope that this publication will aid in fostering cultural ties between Russian publishers and a readership abroad. For now, though, aquisition of Russian periodicals in Germany relies on the proven service of the import vendor Kubon & Sagner. [sh/sd]


Die nordostniedersächsische Tagespresse [The Daily Press of Northeastern Lower Saxony] : von den Anfängen bis 1945 ; ein Handbuch / Peter Stein. Edited by the Landschaftsverband der Ehemaligen Herzogtümer Bremen und Verden e.V. and the Verein "Regionale Kulturförderung im Ehemaligen Fürstentum Lüneburg". - Stade, 1994. 511 p. ; 25 cm. (Schriftenreihe des Landschaftsverbandes der Ehemaligen Herzogtüer Bremen und Verden ; 6). Includes p. 363-485: Bibliographie der Zeitungen [Bibliography of Newspapers]. ISBN 3-9801919-5-5 : DM 48.00. - (Landschaftsverband ..., Im Johanniskloster, 21682 Stade)

This handbook (it really is a handbook) actually delivers what it promises, unlike so many other hastily-assembled "wannabe" bibliographies. The 511-page reference work is well-researched and documented, and the details presented clearly and scholarly. It is a treasure trove of information on the publishing world, albeit restricted to a small geographic area. Stein uncovered 52 printing locations with some 346 distinct presses and presents his findings topographically; most of the locations and names are presented here for the first time. This title establishes a new standard of quality in the area of reference books. [gh/sd]

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