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Frauen und Massenkommunikation : eine Bibliographie [Women and Mass Communication: A Bibliography] / Romy Fröhlich ; Christina Holtz-Bacha. - Bochum : Universitätsverlag Brockmeyer, 1993. - 226 p. ; 21 cm. - (Frauen und Massenmedien; 2). - ISBN 3-8196-0207-0 : DM 34.80


Frauen-Medien-Forschung : Graue Literatur 1980 - 1993 ; eine kommentierte Bibliographie [Research on Women and Media: Grey Literature 1980 - 1993; An Annotated Bibliography] / Jutta Röser with Beate Illg and Susanne Keuneke. - Münster : Agenda-Verlag, 1993. - 176 p. ; 21 cm. - (Agenda Frauen ; 1). - ISBN 3-929440-09-1 : DM 15.00

These two bibliographical works represent pioneering efforts to collect the extant research on the role of women as employees, scholars, topics, and audiences of the media. In the first, the authors, with the help of students at the Ruhr-Universität in Bochum, evaluated 29 professional journals in German and English as well as collections of essays, bibliographies, and library catalogs, locating a total of 1998 titles, which, though not annotated, have been arranged into 28 useful subject groupings and indexed by author. When compared with other bibliographies of different or more specialized focus, e.g. Samantha Cook's Women and Film Bibliography (1992), the present title has significantly fewer references, resulting in several serious gaps in coverage amounting to thousands of titles. The work is nonetheless a welcome first effort.

The second work is a compilation of masters theses on the topic of women and media based on a thorough review of student work at over 40 (West) German, Swiss, and Austrian institutes which give degrees in the areas of the journalism and communications science. The 240 studies thus located have been grouped into 17 categories, with 10-15 lines of commentary provided for the 209 theses actually examined. Such a bibliography will focus attention on this neglected area of study and enable future students to approach their topics with a better understanding of work already done. [wub/jg]

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