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Standard-Lexikon für Mediaplanung und Mediaforschung in Deutschland [Standard Lexicon of Media Planning and Media Research in Germany] / Wolfgang J. Koschnick. - 2nd revised and expanded edition - München [etc.] : Saur, 1995. - Vol. 1-2. - V, 1001 p. ; 21 cm. - ISBN 3-598-11170-3 : DM 396.00


Media-Lexikon Österreich [Media Lexicon of Austria] / Wolfgang J. Koschnick. - München [etc.] : Saur, 1995. - IX, 759 p. ; 21 cm. - ISBN 3-598-11246-7 : DM 198.00


Media-Lexikon Schweiz [Media Lexicon of Switzerland] / Wolfgang J. Koschnick. - München [etc.] : Saur, 1995. - IX, 760 p. ; 21 cm. - ISBN 3-598-11245-9 : DM 198.00

The first edition of the Standard-Lexikon, published in 1988, was much smaller than this edition, which covers both international and German concepts. The author includes three types of entries about commercial and private media and advertising research: comprehensive articles, sometimes over twenty pages long, which include references, illustrations, tables and graphs; shorter summary articles; and cross references to other articles. Reflecting the author's extensive knowledge of his subject, the articles are well written, and as up-to-date as one can expect from such a comprehensive work. One drawback is that Koschnick does not give exact references, so that verification of his citations can be very difficult--the more so as much of the work cited is grey literature, not widely disseminated. This is true of the Austrian and Swiss volumes as well. It is to be hoped that Koschnick will plan to publish a comprehensive and detailed bibliography of his sources, including locations of the works. Despite the drawbacks, these books present for the first time to a wide audience a comprehensive picture of commercial advertising and media research. [wu/mrh]

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