Sportwissenschaft [Sport Science]: Datenbank SPOLIT / Bundesinstitut für Sportwissenschaft in Köln. - Hamburg : Czwalina. - ISSN 0941-6633. - (Czwalina-Verlag, Postfach 730240, 22122 Hamburg)

6 (1995). - 1 CD-ROM. - DM 800.00 (1 edition per year)


Handbuch SPOLIT/SPOWIS [SPOLIT/SPOWIS Handbook] : Literaturrecherchen in sportwissenschaftlichen Datenbanken / Frederik Borkenhagen ; Roland Regner. - 3rd version: July 24, 1995. - Hamburg : Czwalina, 1995. - 84 p. ; 30 cm. - ISBN 3-88020-265-6 : DM 15.00

The database SPOLIT has been compiled since 1970; on CD-ROM since 1990 under the title Sportwissenschaft. It covers all aspects of sport, covering German publications especially well. As of May 1995, the database contained some 93,000 citations, 85% of them in German (40,000) or English (39,000). Sports medicine is an especially well-represented subdiscipline with 30,000 citations. About 6,000 new references (1,000 of these are monographs, conference reports and dissertations) are added annually. Some 500 journals worldwide are indexed. The citations have brief abstracts. Searching includes keywords, boolean operators and truncation. Results can be downloaded to an ASCII file or easily converted into a word-processed document. An English listing of the German descriptors is presently available in print form only, although its integration into the database is a high priority. The CD-ROM appears only once a year, which is a drawback. -- The handbook (sold separately) applies to both SPOLIT and SPOWIS (see 95-3-434). [js/hsb]


Sportwissenschaft. Supplement [Sport Sciences] : Datenbank SPOWIS / Institut für Angewandte Trainingswissenschaft in Leipzig. - Hamburg : Czwalina. - ISSN 0941-6633.

1994. - 1 CD-ROM - DM 600.00

This CD-ROM, available since 1994, specializes in scientific aspects of sport, supplementing the more general database SPOLIT. It contains some 116,000 entries, mostly in German (62,000) and English (24,000). Topics heavily represented are theory of sport, its history, politics, psychology, sociology and pedagogy, as well as medicine and biology, theory and method of training, etc. The search engine is the same as in SPOLIT. SPOWIS began in 1973, compiled by the Zentrum für Wissenschaftsinformation Körperkultur und Sport in Leipzig, and is unique in documenting the otherwise hard to access DDR-era and other eastern European government reports, grey literature and confidential documents, including master's and doctoral theses, etc. The articles of the formerly secret journal Theorie und Praxis des Leistungssports are all indexed. The SPOWIS user can obtain microfiche copies of many of the documents from the archive of the IAT in Leipzig. Abstracts are only available on some 5,500 entries. Unfortunately, the database has not been updated since 1993. [js/hsb]


Sport Discus. HERACLES : the Largest World Collection of Practical Research Literature on Sport, Physical Education, Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine / Sport Information Resource Centre. Sportdoc. - Norwood, MA : Silver-Platter Information, Inc.

1995, March. Sport Discus, 1975-March 1995, HERACLES, 1975-1992. - 1 CD-ROM. - $1755.00 (4 editions per year), $2633.00 (2-4 users)

With 361,750 citations in March 1995, this is the largest of the three databases discussed. English-language materials predominate. Each quarterly edition adds some 4,000 titles. Many of the titles are "journalistic" in nature and would therefore not be included in either SPOLIT or SPOWIS. Abstracts are not being created, but are not deleted if already included in the citation. HERACLES (by the Institut National du Sport et de l'Education Physique in Paris) is included in this database and contains about 51,000, mostly French, citations. It has not been updated on "Sport Discus" since 1992, but contains 1,885 pre-1970 citations. [js/hsb]


Who's who des deutschen Fußballs [Who's Who in German Soccer] : die deutschen Vereine seit 1903 / by Hardy Grüne. - [2nd ed.]. - Kassel : Agon-Sportverlag,1995. - 782 p. ; 21 cm. - ISBN 3-928562-48-7 : DM 49.80

Not just a biographical dictionary of German soccer stars, Who's who in German soccer is a fact-filled reference work on some 1800 professional and amateur soccer associations or clubs founded since 1903, the year the first German soccer championship took place. Arranged alphabetically by city, the work provides a wide range of information about each entry, including the complete name of the association/club, the year in which it was founded, the division and region in which it plays, its colors and emblems, and much, much more. Useful not just for soccer fans, but also for sports research in academic libraries, as well as for authority control for name and subject headings. [sh/jb]


Enzyklopädie der europäischen Fußballvereine [Encyclopedia of European Soccer Clubs] / compiled and edited by Hardy Grüne. - 2. ed. - Kassel : Agon-Sportverlag, 1995. - 613 p. ; 21 cm. - ISBN 3-928562-49-5 : DM 89.00

To some extent a complementary volume to Who's who des deutschen Fussballs (above),the Encyclopedia of European Soccer Clubs provides information on the major soccer associations of over 72 European countries. Grüne here interprets the term 'country' to include not only traditionally independent "soccer countries" such as Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales; those "nations" that were at one time autonomous (Saar and Sudetenland); Israel and the new and restored states of Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Even the Vatican, not known for its soccer prowess, is included.

The Encyclopedia of European Soccer Clubs provides a wide range of information, including basic statistical data, background material on the respective national soccer associations, original language terms and German translations of 15 basic soccer concepts (no easy task for the Latin terms of the Vatican's entry), as well as a history of league soccer, a chronology of club foundings, splits, and name changes, to name just a few of the categories of information offered.

An index and a list of reference literature complete the work. [sh/jb]


Fußball-WM-Almanach [World Cup Soccer Almanac] : 1930 bis heute ; Zahlen, Fakten, Bilder / R. Keifu (ed.). - Kassel : Agon-Sportverlag, 1994. - 384 p. ; 21 cm. - (Agon-Sportverlag-Statistics ; 15). - ISBN 3-928562-57-6 : DM 24.80

The World Cup Soccer Almanac compiles extensive statistical data on the 15 soccer world cup championships from 1930 to 1990 in tabular format. Includes many b/w photos and a list of sources consulted. [sh/jb]

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