Bibliographie Pädagogik = Educational bibliography / ed.: Fachinformationssystem (FIS) Bildung und Gesellschaft Information Bildung (GIB). - Berlin : VWB, Verlag für Wissenschaft und Bildung. - 30 cm. - Through v. 25, 1990 (1994) divided into subseries. - Contents organized into: pt. 1, Systematischer Katalog [classified catalog] and pt. 2, Register [index]. - ISSN 0947-5524

v. 26, 1991 (1995). - ISBN 3-86135-312-1 : DM 298.00

Previous reviews have noted a variety of deficiencies in this series, not the least of which is the excessive time lag in publication. This had been shrinking in recent years, but appears to be increasing again. The return to a unitary format, however, is a welcome development, especially as it coincides with an expansion of the pool of monographs covered. The indexes have also been consolidated. Criteria for inclusion of foreign monographs, however, remain undisclosed, and the number of titles included has actually decreased by 13% (from 15,664 to 13,728) compared with the previous volume.

A recently-launched CD-ROM version of this series is expected to provide greater currency. Unfortunately, an important (and generally superior) competitor, ZEUS : Zentralblatt fur Erziehungswissenschaft und Schule, has just suspended publication and its future is in doubt. [sh/gw]

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